Frank, the new t-rex puppet mascot for The Black Keys’ upcoming album Brother, is the star of this unofficial (but really, official) video for “Next Girl.” Just like the last time he lipsynced on behalf of the band, there’s a scrolling series of warnings and minutiae at the bottom of the screen. At the top — if you bother looking — is a group of bikini-clad women dancing and fighting poolside.

Frank’s previous work, “Tighten Up”

Brothers is out 5/18 via Nonesuch.

Comments (11)
  1. I want to buy that dinosaur!

  2. It’s a private video…

  3. I really like this Frank guy.

  4. obot video is way radder!

  5. My my…what shameless and terrible band advertising on behalf of stereogum commentators.

  6. this video distracts me in a happy way when im trying to work on my paper. I ♥ the funkasauraus rex.

  7. great stuff

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