Howl - Full Of Hell

Providence, RI quartet Howl mix crusty, hoarse bellows with triumphant/catchy riffs, a sludgy doom atmosphere, knotty structures, a punk spirit, and a somewhat bleak outlook on things (or, as the press release puts it: “Howl are open about how they draw inspiration from mother nature’s decline”). So, basically, no-bullshit heaviness. Or, as they put it at their MySpace: “Bong-rippin’ Labyrinth metal.” The recent tour with Skeletonwitch makes perfect sense. So would one with an early Mastodon. And, hey, so do those upcoming shows with Eyehategod. The group’s been together since 2006, but before the nine-song Full Of Hell have just one EP under the belts, making this a particularly seasoned debut. Full Of Hell is out next week. To familiarize you with it, we’re offering up a full stream of the collection, from the torrid, deceptively mathy opener “Horns Of Steel” to 10-minute, leave-everything-on-the-floor closer “The Day Of Rest.”

Full Of Hell is out 5/11 via Relapse. This summer Relapse is also reissuing Howl’s original self-titled EP. Check them out on tour:

05/29 – Baltimore, MD @ Sonar (Maryland Deathfest)
06/13 – Providence, RI @ Club Hell %
06/14 – Milford, CT @ Daniel Street %
06/15 – Manchester, NH @ Rocko’s %
06/18 – Chicago, IL @ Reggies #
06/19 – Akron, OH @ Backstage Concert Club #
06/22 – Columbus, OH @ Skully’s #
06/23 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Blockley #
06/25  – Providence, RI  @ Club Hell #

% w/ Eyehategod
# w/ Pentagram

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  1. am i the only one noticing there have been a little more posts about metal than average on here? i mean, i could be wrong, someone else correct me and ill shut up…

    • it’s true. there’ve been a number of metal releases of note, so i’ve done more metal posts.

    • Yes, we are getting schooled by Brandon more frequently, and it’s intentional.

      I never thought I’d be a metal fan, but now I’m listening to Nachtmystium all the time. So … that’s interesting. I don’t even know that some of these ‘black metal’ acts are that metal at all, though. Brandon brought Alcest to NY last week and it was pretty much shoegaze.

  2. Im glad theres more posts like this- this site is one of the few that my work computer lets me get on.- and its gonna be great this year- new zoroaster, salome, watain, weedeater, kylesa, jucifer….plus this and the black tusk

  3. Keep the metal coming please. Hail.

  4. Seeing new metal content is what gets me most jazzed about the site. Especially Brandon’s more in depth coverage and exclusives like this!

  5. This record is so goddamned good.

  6. I agree. Very good record. Will have to consider purchasing it when it releases.

  7. These fucking slays. Looking forward to owning this.

  8. I will be buying this, and thank you Stereogum. I haven’t spent too much time on this site, but that may change. Registered an account, so that’s a start…

  9. Awesome.
    Finally convinced to join up. Please keep it coming, Brandon. Thanks for the Blut Aus Nord and Peste Noire on the end of year list that got me through the winter. Can’t wait to hear more about upcoming Nachtmystium.

  10. Wow. These guys do kick ass. The only thing that could make them better is to lose the cookie monster vocals. The is so cliche anymore…and will keep them from going anywhere beyond YouTube. The music and playing though is fantastic!

    - Ex record exec.

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