Rasputina - Holocaust Of Giants

Cello-toting chamber-rock trio Rasputina release their seventh album Sister Kinderhook next month. We’re told founder/mainstay Melora Creager recorded it last summer in the Hudson Valley while she was pregnant and then mixed it in Los Angeles with Brian Kehew and her newborn. Outside the baby, the collection welcomes a new cast around Creager: Daniel DeJesus, the first male to handle cello, comes to the group from Philadelphia and Catie D’Amica replaces longtime drummer Jonathon TeBeest. See how they sound together on “Holocaust Of Giants,” a track positing the theory that giants existed, but “killed each other off in a self-genocidal holocaust.”

Sister Kinderhook is out 6/15 via Filthy Bonnet Recording Co.

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  1. Being a huge fan of Frustration Plantation, I will definitely miss the drumming.

  2. I’d say I’m a fan of their more experimental stuff. I’ll listen to Thanks for the Ether, How We Quit the Forest and Cabin Fever on repeat, but as for their later stuff I like it, but it’s not the same for me. But they’re still my favorite group and Melora is a genius.

  3. I thought i was the only person who remembered this band or still listens to ‘Thanks for the Ether.’ I like this new schtuff.

  4. I’m a bigger fan of the earlier stuff too – Thanks For the Ether, How We Quit the Forest but they definitely still have it. To be completely honest, I haven’t thought of this band in the longest time. They need to come out with another covers record or a live album.

    Like this track, though.

    • Actually, they have released some live albums (and random EPs) recently, and the live albums have a good number of covers on them. Melora’s released everything after Frustration Plantation herself, so it seems like anything that’s not a major album you can only get at shows or online. I haven’t heard the recent live CDs, but I did see them a whiles back with the new line-up, and Daniel DeJesus is a great addition, he definitely adds his own flair live.
      Anyways, the live albums can be found at their merch shoppe (on two different pages):
      http://rasputina.com/merch.html and http://rasputina.greedbag.com/

      Also, the new album was put up for streaming a little while back (and it looks to me like it was done officially):
      I’m not too crazy about Holocaust of Giants personally, and I’m not sure if I care for the direction their albums have been going in, but I like a few of the songs so far, like Sweet Sister Temperance and Humankind as the Sailor.

  5. oh i love this song!!

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