Gobble Gobble – “Seizure To The Metronome”

Brandon Stosuy | May 10, 2010 - 11:26 am

Last week when we wrote up BTW Braids, we mentioned they had a number of upcoming shows with fellow Canucks GOBBLE GOBBLE. The DayGlo Edmonton electro-pop project of Cecil Frena & Co. is coming at things from a different, more hyperactive angle than their post-Velocity Girl cohorts. See, for instance, “Seizure To The Metronome,” a track that appears on Royal Rhino Flying’s The Queen’s Jew compilation. It sorta makes me think of a 32-bit Dismemberment Plan being quartered (not obnoxiously) by Dan Deacon.

Gobble Gobble – “Seizure To The Metronome”

The comp includes plenty of interesting stuff, including Pure Ecstasy and Cloud Nothings. The tracklist:

01 “One Day At A Time” (Marilyn Sellars Cover) – Pure Ecstasy
02 “All We Are” – Wish
03 “Feeling Today” – Abacus
04 “Brain Cave Cable Car” – Devices Disguised
05 “You Need to Grow Up (Feat. Mad Squirrel)” – Meanest Man Contest
06 “Palms” – Visions of Trees
07 “Christmas 82″ – Jen Paul
08 “Memories Are Made of This” (The Everly Brothers Cover) – His Clancyness
09 “Jacket” – Weed Diamond
10 “Ain’t No Sunshine” (Bill Withers Cover) – Idiot Glee
11 “Julie (What’s That Spell?)” – Borrowed Beams of Light
12 “Nitzam” – Safe House
13 “Are We More Than Bones” – Cloud Nothings
14 “Predestination Paradox” – Adventure Violence
15 “In and Out of Bliss” – Boylant
16 “T. Lizzy” – Cough Cool
17 “Bury You Alive” –  Panda Beach
18 “Up In That Ether” – Land of Blood and Sunshine
19 “Seizure to the Metronome” – GOBBLE GOBBLE
20 “A Million Elephants” – The Spookfish
21 “Rainsand” – Mount McKinley
22 “Ivy King” – The New Lines
23 “Those Kids” – Tall Boys

On 5/18 you can download the entire thing at Royal Rhino Flying. You’ll also be able to get it on a limited-edition CD. Hear more GOBBLE GOBBLE at MySpace. Frena released Neon Graveyard last year. (Also check out Visions Of Trees.)