New Beck Video – “Cell Phone’s Dead”

Someone finally gave Beck a budget! And Michel Gondry! While there are no furries in this mesmerizing black and white clip for “Cell Phone’s Dead,” we finally get the answer to the question “If Beck were a Transformer, what would he transform into?” (Answer: a door.)

Beck talks about the tune in this endearingly awkward interview with I just think [“Cell Phone’s Dead”] is–it definitely reaches into the inner-Meters-loving fans and what have you. And the one thing I’m really impressed with on the album is the sparseness of it.
BECK: Oh, good. Yeah, I felt like that was what I was originally shooting for but we definitely got into bringing in other sounds, and it got more layered as time went on, as we worked on it more and more. But I think we really tried to tie our hands behind our backs a bit, not add too much, keep it as sparse as possible when we could. That’s, for me I found that the hardest thing.

That said, we still think Beck would dig Team9’s mash-up of the song, which eschews sparseness in favor of cameos from Fatboy Slim, Genesis, and Brandy.

Team9 – “Champion Cellphone” (MP3)

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