Watching this video for “Behind The Lines,” with its POV camera and fish-eye lenses, reminds you of Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” clip immediately. Turns out that vieo was the main reference for director Christopher Sims, who posted his video treatment online:

To explain a bit about how this concept will play out. Penny guides our POV character through the city streets but she is really dragging him through time and space. For instance, she drags him out of the apartment door only to lead somewhere completely out of context and in completely different wardrobe and demeanor.

STP’s performance — it’s modest and rock nostalgic. Scott, Dean, Robert and Eric perform in an intimately decorated space — vintage rock n’ roll trappings and paraphernalia, fabrics hanging in the windows, etc… Large shafts of light pierce through the space’s opium den-like atmosphere. It is dark and thick with atmosphere.

The “Penny” mentioned in the treatment is the video’s leading lady, who is modeled after fictional groupie Penny Lane and the song’s antagonist. The POV character is revealed at the end, but it’s really not hard to guess. I mean, who do groupies hang out with?

Their self-titled album is out 5/25 via Atlantic.

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  1. *Between The Lines

  2. Why even post this! This band is no longer relevant. Actually, were they ever relevant?

  3. This is the best Aerosmith song I ever heard.

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