Last time MGMT did “Time To Pretend,” this time they brought “Brian Eno” and their new, crazy-eyed guitarist/keyboardist James Richardson. The band aren’t as dressed up here as they were for their SNL appearance, but it looks like they wanted it to mirror their last Letterman performance by wearing similar (but much nicer this time) capes, and adding in another Doors riff into their performance. Watch until the very end, when Andrew VanWyngarden breaks a very tiny guitar against the amp.

Congratulations is out now via Sony/Columbia. The band also played an hour-long, web-only set for the Letterman audience. It streamed live on Letterman’s website last night:

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  1. VanWyngarden and drummer got haircuts.

  2. damn my geographic region

  3. The webcast after was incredible.
    Lucky we made it.

  4. My what a lame-ass band. Esp the singer. What exactly are they going for? They on about the same level as Vampire Weekend. Whimpy indie junk. C’mon people, there is plenty of good music out there. This aint it.

  5. uh for fuck’s sake. i can’t see the webcast. tight performance by the boys.

  6. Check out this great MGMT interview on about their new album “Congratulations”!

  7. Also, I love this band and love the new album, but Andrew really needs to work on the vocals if this is how their concerts are sounding right now. It’s not good. He sounds timid as hell and barely audible. Sing boy!

  8. actually James is not a new guitarist/keyboardist. he’s been playing with the band for ages. and used to be a drummer first. anyways love the crazy-eyes thing he does )

  9. Their new shit is way better than their old shit.

  10. Is Kids now MGMT’s Creep? I could see some similarities.

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