Explicit Gangsta Rap

It’s been seven years since the last Ice-T release you didn’t care about, but the busy actor/rapper/urban humanitarian is pulling out the stops to announce his musical return by having his “stripper-wife” (greatest hyphenated adjective ever) Coco pose nude with him on his album’s cover. Well, almost nude. Says Page 6:

Gangsta Rap, Ice-T’s first studio album in seven years, shows him lying on his back in bed with his ravishing wife’s ample posterior in full view and one of her legs coyly draped over his private parts.

That reads like they enjoyed typing it, don’t it? Ice-T’s label rep said that they’re getting heat from vendors about the cover, and that strategically placed stickers will be necessary.

Says Ice-T: “You should see the picture when Coco’s leg is not there.”

No thanks. But we did put the NSFW album covers side by side so you can play PRMC and ponder their censorability.


And if that’s just not enough Coco for ya, you can get your hands on her upcoming 2007 calendar here. Perfect for the holidays!

Gangsta Rap is out 10/31.