Shakira Covers The xx

Hot Chip did that cover of Shakira’s “She Wolf.” Now the Colombian warbler’s dipped filtering the work of some British folks with keyboards through her distinctive post-Alanis sound. Instead of returning Hot Chip’s favor and giving us “One Life Stand,” though, she’s offered up a take on The xx’s “Islands” (heard here in a one minute excerpt) and called it “Explore.” XXX

It’s unclear where this will appear.

[The xx illustration is by Louise Z Pomeroy]

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  1. This is all kinds of unnecessary.

  2. She totally rooned it.

  3. This is pretty fucked up.

  4. Obviously now we need the xx to cover Hot Chip and the circle of lame will be complete.

  5. blaghhh

  6. the xx are officially dead.

  7. Now if only Radiohead will cover Kate Perry. Cross your fingers. ;)

  8. I guess I’m the only who thinks this is awesome. Thank you, Shakira, for making this song better. (I’m serious.)

  9. how can this be a cover? all she did was sample it and lay down a vocal track. at best you can call it a remix.

    eh. either way it sucks.

  10. i like how the pic they use makes the xx look so much more appealing the eye than they really are XD

  11. “Rudeboy”‘s still my fave.

  12. people need to start capitalizing The xx right.

  13. this was like a death in the family… sucks in so many levels…

  14. More like all kinds of awesome. Shakira is not all suck after all.

  15. AWESOME, this version feels more emotional than the robotic voice of the xx’s

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