Miniature Tigers Fortress Album Art

Miniature Tigers haven’t been discussed around here much, but it seems inevitable that they would pop up: The Brooklyn-via-Phoenix band has been around since 2006, picking up spots on many festival to-watch lists along the way to recording their upcoming album Fortress. And morning bender Chris Chu produced Fortress, communing with the band for a three-week recording session at Dreamland Studios in Woodstock, NY earlier this year. Miniature Tigers then spent the spring opening for the morning benders on tour.

Chu isn’t behind every track, though. First single “Gold Skull” was produced by Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo. Says lead singer Charlie Brand: “We reached out to Alan to produce that track and ended up recording that song with him in a crazy all-nighter session until the sun came up.” The result of that all night recording session is this dreamily layered track, where the band’s vocals fold over twinkling synths. It’s the kind of thing big warm track inspired by (or that inspires) summer day naps, though the edges of the verses get swallowed up by a blown out guitar in a way that snaps your attention back.

Fortress is out 7/27 via Modern Art Records. Preorder the album here.

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  1. Catchy tune, strong groove, but not my genre. All this electronic noodlery has always been distracting, but when Beck did it in the 90′s, at least it was fresh, and done with tasteful tastelessness. These dime-a-dozen electro-pop slash chillwave slash whatever bands could disappear forever and I wouldn’t even know to cheer.

  2. 10 bucks says this album “fortress” won’t be nearly as good as protest the hero’s album “fortress.” just sayin.

  3. This tune calms my weary soul…………….just what the doctor ordered for me today. thank you “little tiger people” for bringing a little peace and calm into my life. I needed to hear this today. You just never know how a song can impact someone’s entire existence at a moment’s notice. Keep up the good work. A work of musical genius incarnate………………

  4. man when i first heard this song i started crying out of pure joy. now i cant stop crying from joy. i never knew a song could bring so much tears of joy to me. and i had a rough day. first off i went to denny’s to get the grand slam. i went with the build your own grand slam. i went with double bacon, extra crispy, eggs, over easy and hash browns. if you guys have never been to dennys you have to check it out. great deals and excellent food. and most of the time there isn’t even hair in it. anyways then i went to american apparel to find some v necks. a little to pricey for my checkbook so i went to urban outfitters to get a v neck. if you havent been to urban outfitters i highly recommend it. its like they find vintage t shirts and pass produce them so you know they will have your size. it was awesome. at this point it was lunch time so i went to arby’s to get a roast beef sandwich. it was wonderful. then my son told me about the stereogum interface. i found it and saw a picture of the miniature tigers album cover. and WOW! while eating my arby’s looking at the boobie cover i listened to the song that featured the indian neon. and i have to say this song really brought me back when i was a teenager. it had such soul and groove. i hope these guys blow up and make it on the rock station radios. good luck to the miniautre tigers. thanks for making a song that makes me feel like im in hawaii instead of in the office. thanks for listening stereogum and good additions indian neon.


  5. Sounds great! I’ve been anticipating this for some time!

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