Stereogum MacGruber Remix Contest

UPDATE: And the winner is… Ron Artest. Tyler Coffin. Congrats Tyler! Thanks everyone who participated.


We’ve already established that Kristen Wiig is a champion. Now Stereogum has teamed up with MacGruber to host a remix contest of Kristen’s (as Vicki St. Elmo) “Champion” (originally written by Nate Heller out of Leilos Sound in Oakland) from the original soundtrack LP (out now). Here’s the original again, in case you missed it:

Jorma Taccone (MacGruber’s co-writer and director) and Will Forte (MacGruber’s star and boner ghost) will pick their favorite remix from your submissions. The champion remixer gets a pair of Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ Studio™ High Definition Powered Isolation Headphones.

Beats By Dre Studio Headphones

You can learn more about Beats here, but the important part is that they’re pro quality. Dr. Dre endorses them and he’s a licensed beat physician™.

The contest begins NOW. You have 30 seconds You have two weeks to show us your skills. All submissions must be received by 6/4 at 8 PM EST. A few basic rules:

  • You have to be over 13 (years old).
  • You have to live in the United States. Sorry, Canada!
  • Your remix can be no longer than three minutes.
  • You can’t use copyrighted material (i.e., no mashups) unless you own the copyright.
  • You have to submit your remix as a URL in the submission form below. No MySpace/MegaUpload/links to personal sites. Don’t have a soundcloud account? Sign up for one. I just did last month. It’s super easy. In case you were wondering, this specific requirement is just to make our judges’ lives easier as they sort through the submissions. Stereogum has no relationship with Soundcloud. (But hi Soundcloud! Enjoy the traffic!)
  • Wanna read this contest’s Terms And Conditions in more detail, with tons of legal jargon? You should! Right here.

    Here’s a .zip file of the “Champion” stems in .wav format. All the isolated sections (Kristen’s vocals, backup vocals, bass, drums, synths) are included, along with 40 never-heard-before Wiig samples/noises/beatboxing to help you get especially weird.

    Before you get to work take a listen to what some of friends did with the source material (don’t worry, they’re disqualified from winning):

    Thanks to RAC, Harper Blynn, Mr. Dream, The Joe Carters (AKA The Rest), Dosh, and Aislyn for getting the ball rolling. And hey, Jorma made one too:


    Think you can do better?

    Sorry, no more submissions accepted at this time.

    Once you submit, please post a link to your Soundcloud remix in the comments so we can all criticize congratulate you.

    MacGruber hits theaters today. You’re probably already in line at your local Fandango, but just in case @grubes69 made this Internet commercial JUST FOR YOU:

    AND here’s Will with The Roots doing an R-rated MacGruber theme song on Fallon:

    An American hero, that dude.

    Good luck in the contest. If you lack musical talent and/or any inclination to participate, feel free to post a link to your favorite mullet instead…

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    1. I made my first remix! I guess it’s also my first song, ever. Be gentle:


    2. BOO
      whered the gum drop go?

      • We were redesigning and switching mail providers… It was a huge timesuck to produce. The ‘Gum Drop will come back at some point…

    3. LOVE the Dragon mix! HarperBlynn better does that one tonight at Brooklyn Bowl, nice!

    4. I don’t know if you said this, but TEMPO around 140 in 4/4, KEY B minor, progression i – IV – III – iv, most of the time.
      Just thought this might help some people.
      My remix isn’t too interesting yet.

    5. I just submitted a version that highlights that wonderful bridge!

    6. corporate whores. you were once cool, now you’ve been corrupted

      I wish I knew how to master things better. I feel like the synths are maxing out, but only when I export it. Oh well. Check it out.

    8. fuck remixes, and fuck remix-ING. why bother with this pilth? just torrent a contra 2 emulator and remix the soundtrack on your midi plugin-du-jour. NO ONE WILL NOTICE. you could be elected president. president dj. danger suck. fuck stereogum for this ass-crap no-talent contest. can we please have some actual MUSIC please please? or do you just want to be another digital noise maker like a new-year’s rotary clacker, with nothing more to say than “clack.” this shit go back to sucking hind-PR teat while begging for some advertising cash and maybe a free lunch with a mid-level receptionist for Capitol.

      Here’s my remix. Hopefully you guys like it. I took it in a different direction than most of the other remixes…more jokey and less serious.

    10. yeah…not sure why every re-mix has to be a drum and bass dance party. Here’s a link to my re-mix featuring more badazz guitar and 85% more keyboards. You know, just putting myself in the macgruber band so to speak.

      more face-melting lüt @

    11. Nice point, baton ;)


      I had fun with this one, pretending like I used to listen to Poison or Motley Crue or Cinderella. Because I didn’t. Who says I did? They don’t know me. Alright, I was young and didn’t know any better.

    13. Is the contest already closed or what? It says they’re submitting submissions anymore. Here’s a link to my remix any way

    14. i know what gives? it says we can submit till june 4…

    15. the zip file isn’t available anymore.

    16. MINE –

      inspirational elctroclash remix yo.

    17. Hey, it’s only 5:51 EST and it says “no more submissions accepted? Well, here’s mine anyway:

    18. Howdy. This is Drew from Bosom Buddies.

      Got the same error as above, despite trying to submit before the stated deadline…

      Here’s a link to our remix:

    19. Just heard from MacGruber … Tyler Coffin has been named champion.
      Congrats Tyler!

    20. I’m running a remix contest at VacayVitamins for those who are interested!

      More info can be found here –

      Best of luck!


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