Oh No Ono – “Internet Warrior (The Depreciation Guild Remix)”

Amrit Singh | May 20, 2010 - 10:57 am

The highly filigreed, majestically psychedelic Oh No Ono track “Internet Warrior” earns its title, in spirit: it’s an A.D.D.-addled delight, in constant flux, restlessly moving through gauzy melodies and chirping textures at a clip akin to my never-ending RSS feed. With this remix, Brooklyn laptop/shoegaze trio (and Pains Of Being Pure At Heart spinoff) the Depreciation Guild honor the movement, though necessarily cut back on the expansiveness, anchoring the track in keyboards densely industrial then syrupy sweet, lacing it with ONO’s wafting vocals, driving it head-on to a climactic crashing wave of synths. They’re both worth grabbing:

Oh No Ono – “Internet Warrior (The Depreciation Guild Remix)”

Compare with the original:

Oh No Ono – “Internet Warrior”

On No Ono’s Eggs is via Friendly Fire.