Kid Cudi Adds Rhymes, Christian Bale To LCD Soundsystem’s “Dance Yrself Clean”

Brandon Stosuy | May 28, 2010 - 2:38 pm

When evaluating LCD Soundsystem’s newest, we said This Is Happening opener “Dance Yrself Clean” gets things going perfectly. It’s a great establishing shot, Murphy suggesting you laugh things off and cut a rug instead, even when the push/pull remains. Seeing that instrumental opening section as a blank slate, Kid Cudi takes the song — or at least a 3:36 chunk of it — in a different direction and calls it “All Talk.” He starts things off with a sample of Christian Bale’s Terminator: Salvation-set rant and ends with Murphy’s “except you are an actual jerk and living proof…” Between that, we get verses from Cudi and — as KC notes over at his site — Chip Tha Ripper.

Kid Cudi – “All Talk (Feat Chip The Ripper)”
(Via Kid Cudi)

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