MIA - "Haters"

As M.I.A. promised on Friday, she posted some audio from her image-damaging (and frenemy-making) Lynn Hirschberg interview in the New York Times. In the short clips, we learn that Hirschberg ordered the truffle fries that M.I.A. snacked on during the interview (and paid for them, though this was likely company policy), and that she edited some of M.I.A.’s quotes so they appeared to be part of the same train of thought. Another part of her Memorial Day weekend post — a track called “Haters,” where she raps about journalists, racists, and other “haters” over the 2007 Various Production track “Hater.”

Here’s the original:

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  1. Now this is a much stronger rebuttal.

  2. Although MIA still doesn’t come out looking good in my eyes (especially considering the whole cell phone snafu), this does make it seem to me that Lyn Hirschberg at the very least embellished this story to make MIA look worse. (And, in fact, she undoubtedly misquoted her in one instance.)

    Now I’m just curious as to what a truffle fry tastes like. I’d never heard of them until this article, but I have a hard time imagining that they could possibly taste good.

  3. Well that was boring. I guess I’m a hater.

  4. I used to love that woman, but the way she has been acting lately really turns me off. And it doesn’t get better when I hear this uncreative garbage.

  5. This is clearly just a dis track thrown together because of the interview. Getting upset over the quality is like complaining about the quality of a free mixtape or an old demo that an artist posted on their blog.

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