Christina Hendricks (star of this Everclear video and Joan on Mad Men) stars in this sci-fi video for “Ghost Inside,” while the band make a short cameo at the end. James Mercer and Brian Burton are smart to cede the video to Hendricks, who looks great as usual playing a broken android trying to find her way to a resort planet. It really isn’t hard to imagine Joan in such a futuristic setting — before Mad Men Hendricks starred in a few episodes of Firefly. And attended sci-fi conventions.

[Via NYMag]

Broken Bells’ self-titled album is out now via Sony.

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  1. Mad Men starts up 7/25, yay.

  2. This video must have cost an ARM AND A LEG to make! Right guys? Am i right? guys?

  3. that was a pretty boring video for a pretty boring song.

    on the other hand, if you could harness the power of boners, christina hendricks could single-handedly end our dependence on foreign oil.

  4. i really like the video and the song

  5. Definitely some easy listening to music..I’ve been listening to the album on car rides recently..not a bad video either!

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