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And now for something having to do with M.I.A. that is less controversial than Diplo, truffle fries, and redheads. The image above is the cover to /\/\/\Y/\, M.I.A.’s pushed back third album. The cover actually looks pretty close to the image that accompanied the release date announcement. The only change is the addition of M.I.A., with her dark eyes peering through the YouTube storm.

/\/\/\Y/\ is out 7/13.

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  1. Ah yes, Microsoft Paint is a fun program.

  2. That is one of the ugliest album covers I have ever seen.

  3. Wow. She is a pioneer in horrible cover art.

  4. This is going to look sooo dated, like, two years from now.

    Or, well, two years ago.

  5. yeah. i thought her other album covers were pretty terrible, but this tops them all. i love to imagine her designing it and just reeaallly debating with herself about the placement of all those youtube bars. perhaps a little to the left for this one? or maybe a little smaller….PERFECT! PRINT IT!!

  6. As terrible as it may by objective standards, it is so her.

  7. Triple nast x 3. And the way the album name is spelled is also pretty annoying

  8. I can almost understand her wearing some kindof Muslim veil of Youtube players that only shows her eyes. Something something censorship. But what is up with those ridiculous brick walls, and her name written in gold bars?

  9. do you really give a shit about the album cover? will most of you even buy the actual album or just the mp3′s on itunes?

  10. Wow…I don’t know if i love it or hate it. I guess it’s kinda cool, kinda a bit tacky too…actually i hate it

  11. its like she couldnt make up her mind about what to have on it. like the artists were all done making the back with her picture and she’s all like “dude. i have a great idea. youtube players flying around!” and then they just had to copy and paste all of those last minute.

  12. yeah ok the cover art is pretty awful, but seriously who actually cares?? the songs are gonna be class! :)

  13. Well, this album cover is so awful I might give up indie music, or at least this website since it’s gone down the sh!tter.

  14. Remember kids, sometimes being original isn’t all that great…

  15. Wow I didn’t know I had to make a bad album cover to get so much attention…
    coolest album art ever after Mgmt’s Congratulations.

  16. These comments are disappointing, as usual.

    In defense of the cover art:

    1. There is a new (ish) design aesthetic heralded as “the new ugly.” It is a reaction to the hegemony of post-Swiss school minimalist design that has become so popular (and boring) these days. In a sense, it is an anti-generic statement.

    2. The album cover is actual an animated GIF on her site and elsewhere, but of course, as a physical artifact, the album art is a static image. Isn’t the point that people don’t own albums anymore? It’s digital. This album art is quintessentially a digital product as you really get it as an online expierence versus a physical one. Music is no longer static, even track listings are meaningless as its sequence is disrupted by pirate copies and random shuffles, etc.

    • I like statements that are pretty to look at

    • Thanks for your contribution, Christophe.
      Also- shut up, you fool…you’re making us feel embarrassed for you.

    • saying ‘There is a new (ish) design aesthetic heralded as “the new ugly.”‘ is not defense of this album cover. it’s just pointing out a classification that may apply to it. it doesn’t defend the cover, because it doesn’t say anything about how good the cover looks. you haven’t really made a point. other than that thing about music not being static anymore. well, itunes can’t use GIFs as album artwork, so even on the digital front we’re shit out of luck, huh?

  17. The point is quite clearly that this cover is ugly, you are assuming some fundamental ignorance on her part but it is quite clearly a carefully considered statement.

    MIA has had a strangle hold on her aesthetic from day one when she was part of a wider fashion reaction in london a few years back featuring clashing patterns, tribal motif’s and repurposed web imagery.

    If you think every element of the design was not carefully considered by MIA to have the exact reaction it has from most commenters you underestimate her (fair enough considering she often talks so much trash).

    I strongly agree with Cristophe, it’s a reaction to the fact the album will not be sold on the basis of the image on it’s cover but on it’s content. Imagine if it was a sultry shot of MIA as is the case for most female artists. Wouldn’t work.

    Nice to see something new, and using gif’s to totally undermine the static representation shows MIA’s all about web as the future of music.

    • No one is asking for some airbrushed photo of MIA, but part of being an artist making beautiful things. Making ugly things is not a statement, everyone can do that. I don’t care how much she planned for me to react to it, I have trouble accepting an “artist” that makes things she expects most people to dislike and find ugly.

      • Beauty in art goes further than aesthetics. The idea that all art must be pretty, and that all great artists should be creating beautiful art, is naive. If you’re talking about something deeper than that, then I might be more inclined to agree, if only because I think it’s beautiful that a simple image can bring together such diverse and interesting commentary. In that sense I think the cover is a success.

    • you used the wrong “its”. also, it doesn’t matter how much time she spent crafting it and designing it so that people would react a certain way. because in the end it’s a shitty cover. and sure part of being an artist is making something that might not be classically beautiful. but there’s a difference between something that’s so ugly it’s beautiful and something that just looks shitty, like the cover of Steely Dan’s Can’t Buy A Thrill. it’s just crap.

  18. i really like the cover. its not beautiful, but at least it doesn’t look presumptuous like the Fever Ray cover

  19. Who cares what the cover art looks like, the songs are what determines if it’s a good album.
    More to the point, how many of you bagging the cover will actually buy the album, most people download, so there is little, if any point to cover art anymore.
    M.I.A. had terrible cover art for Arular, didn’t change the fact it was a killer album. Seems some have forgotten, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.
    Bring on my pre-order.

  20. haters gon hate.
    I like the album art…think its cool.

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