Nachtmystium - "Every Last Drop" Stereogum Premiere

It’s hard to believe Nachtmystium’s Addicts isn’t out officially until next week. At this point, it feels like it’s been debated and praised and derided endlessly. Thing is, as many listens as I’ve given it, and as many arguments I’ve gotten in over it, the thing keeps on giving. When I posted “No Funeral” on 4/20 there were people who gave thumbs up (“Burzum On The Dance Floor. Fucking love it.”), others who were less impressed (“The Killers with ’black metal’ vocals. Do not want.”). I’m curious where folks stand with the slow-burn 8-minute closer “Every Last Drop.” There are swirling/phased synthesizers in there, but it exists in a separate realm than “No Funeral” or “Nightfall.” The acoustic accents make me think of Death In June. The extra vocals from Yakuza’s Bruce Lamont push it into an especially melancholic lament. The triumphant guitar solos need no further comment. While you listen, consider this: The band’s shooting a video for the full/unedited track next week in New York with the assistance of Seldon Hunt and Jimmy Hubbard, the guys who did the Addicts’ cover art. All I’ve been told is the treatment is “very, very fucked up.” Very, very promising.

Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II is out 6/8 via Century Media. There’s a good article with Blake Judd in this month’s Decibel (Watain’s on the cover). Minor quibble: At one point it quotes my 2008 8.9 Assassins review as an example of how the band’s crossing over, but overlooks the fact that I’d interviewed Judd at the same non-metal site (Pitchfork) in 2006. More interesting, though, and another reflection on the band’s growing stature, is Judd’s discussion of the NSBM tag tossed the his way since the group was cut from the 2009 Scion Fest in Atlanta for past ties to Vinland Winds/Regimental Records. (There’s no comment from Charlie Fell, the band’s Jewish drummer, ha ha.) The piece is an interesting portrait of a band in transition. Judd is getting more an more open about his love of Radiohead, etc. (I also recommend the Buzz Osborne Q+A on the following pages.)

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  1. awesome! thanks for posting this…
    i really like the slow building intro and the gravely chorale, and the wind-down electronic outro
    i think i like this track more than any other on addicts…great move towards the drone/psych/dark post-rock elements that can add depth to the new breed of black metal groups

  2. This track is what i love about this band, and really anyone out there trying this kind of experimental atmospheric metal. Very subdued but dark as fuck. love it fuckin love it

  3. I dig this, I’m not a huge fan of this type of sound, but something about this pulls me in. Looking forward to more of this.

  4. It’s interesting that you said Blake judd is getting more open about his love for radiohead, this track showcases that perfectly. The solo/twin guitar outro makes me think Blake was listening to dogs from pink floyd for inspiration.

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