Prince - "Hot Summer"

After inspiring the Vikings with “Purple & Gold” via a Minnesota Public Radio premiere, the Purple One also debuted the non-Favre track “Cause And Effect” via his hometown airwaves. Ditto the seasonally appropriate “Hot Summer.” The opening guitar sorta sounds like “Jessie’s Girl” but then you get a psych-beach organ, a Banana Splits-style sing-a-long, and a “futuristical sound.” The results? At least the lyrics are positive.

(Via 24Bit)

Happy Birthday, Prince. He’s 52 today.

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  1. woozefa  |   Posted on Jun 7th, 2010 0

    well, we’ve always got ‘sign o’ the times.’

  2. At least it’s listenable, unlike “cause and effect”

  3. Is “Black Sweat” gonna be the only good new song to come from Prince? Why is it that my favourite artists from the 80s keep failing me.

  4. @trkylym – i thought lotusflower was a great release. Disc 1 is just fantastic w/ the climson and clover remake and a few other songs that are just easy and enjoyable to listen to…

  5. It didn’t knock me off my tookuss, but I’d still rather listen to Prince than anything on the radio these days. Except that Gaga girl…something about her I like….

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