I’ve been slow to come around to Fab Moretti’s Strokes-on-the-beach side project Little Joy. But there’s a laid back charm to the breezy “No One’s Better Sake” that I find pretty irresistible: If the album’s a soundtrack to a sandy, sunny bender, this one’s fit for the sluggish morning after, where throwing on shades, sunscreen, and stumbling down for a margarita lunch to think about girls is the full expression of your concern. The vid puts Little Joy inside a ’60s-styled TV production, with big fonts and bright colors and the sort of animation of that era, which makes the Devendra-on-maracas cameo an acceptable and fully clothed visual accompaniment (at least we don’t have to see his little joy — that’s a gratuitous and highly NSFW, children).

(via P4K.tv)

Imagine it’s summer:

There’s also a video for “Next Time Around.”Little Joy is out via Rough Trade.

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  1. cool vid. i really enjoy this whole album, its definitely worth a listen or two or three

  2. Marc  |   Posted on Dec 9th, 2008 0

    Is This Valensi on the drums?

    btw: Love this album. a real (and unexpected) gem.

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