Reader Chris e-mails us:

You might be interested to know Giant Drag broke up. At least, Micah left the band and now Annie seems to be kind of doing it on her own. I don?t think anyone is talking about this. It?s kind of a big deal if you ask me. Just thought you?d want to know.

Just like Ron Burgundy, it is kind of a big deal! We keep fond thoughts of the duo, thanks in no small part to their gorgeous cover of “God Only Knows” that surfaced last year. This wouldn’t be the first time the two have parted ways; they temporarily split between the Lemona EP and their full-length debut Hearts And Unicorns. Although Giant Drag have no shows lined up, their MySpace bears this listing next to Band Members:

annie and whoever else feels like doing it.

Sorta suggests Annie’s looking for some company, no? Ahh, she’ll be fine; simultaneous-drum-and-synth players practically grow on trees.

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  1. kyle  |   Posted on Dec 1st, 2006 0

    annie is by far the cutest indie rock girl in all creation and i’d be glad to keep her company.

    with my dick. oh yea.

  2. and another thing...  |   Posted on Dec 1st, 2006 0

    I heard the same thing about that Blow band you guys like so much–I think the dude split a while ago? Anybody else heard anything about this?

  3. alex  |   Posted on Dec 1st, 2006 0

    none of the links for “god only knows” that i can find work anymore. does anyone know where i can get it?

  4. that sucks … giant drag is the best

  5. Capt Rock  |   Posted on Dec 2nd, 2006 0

    i’m calling bulshit pr stunt

  6. Giant Drag = one of the most boring live shows I’ve ever seen in my life.

  7. Wyldman  |   Posted on Dec 2nd, 2006 0

    One of the best performances I’ve seen this year – although this was mostly due to Annie being incredibly drunk and jetlagged. And er.. wayward.

  8. claire  |   Posted on Dec 2nd, 2006 0

    re the blow–i believe their article in the fader said dude was just not going to tour, not that there was a break-up.

  9. Memememe  |   Posted on Dec 3rd, 2006 0

    “You might be interested to know..”

    Or, you might not.

  10. uhh  |   Posted on Dec 3rd, 2006 0

    Jona doesn’t always tour with Khaela, and Khaela was The Blow before Jona (YACHT) even properly joined. So yeah, that isn’t unusual or worrying that Jona/Khaela didn’t tour together.

    As for Giant Drag, I wasn’t a fan….but Annie is hot.

  11. giant drag are awesome.

    she can always get more than one musician replacement, rather than a sim drum-synth chappie.

  12. me  |   Posted on Dec 3rd, 2006 0

    whew – at first, i thought you said GIANT SAND broke up and, for a second, I cared.

  13. I love Giant Drag and it said on their fan site annies still going on with gd so thats all cool

  14. annie  |   Posted on Mar 19th, 2007 0

    really gutted about giant drag splitting up, they’re amazing! at least annie’s carrying on, it is really her band so yeah…that’s good.

  15. chris  |   Posted on May 18th, 2007 0

    I’ll tell you what their breaking up is. It’s a giant drag.

  16. brad  |   Posted on May 23rd, 2007 0

    chris bro, check out or their myspace or anywhere else, they didn’t break up. they just played shows last month with lemonheads and the jesus and mary chain(it was awesome!) and theres another one coming up. and like this post said, micahs quit the band before and annie kept going without him. now its a full band and i think its even better than before. can’t wait for the new record theyre about to make.

  17. Mitch Farffulflflfqwer  |   Posted on Jan 6th, 2009 0

    additional generic fan comment

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