Brandon Flowers by Lucy Hamblin

The first leak from Brandon Flowers’s debut solo album that maybe could have been a Killers album (Flowers hinted that he wanted it to be, but the NME confirms that the band are still on hiatus) is here. “Crossfire” certainly sounds a lot like Sam’s Town, especially its huge, soaring chorus and vaguely inspiring lyrics. The verses also sound a lot like U2. Daniel Lanois (who’s done lots of work with U2), as well as Brendan O’Brien and Stuart Price produced the record. Have a listen below:

None of your business. by TPBSecretLeaks

Flamingo is due out sometime in September.

Brandon Flowers - "Crossfire" Album Art

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  1. Kind of like the last Killers record, but a little more boring. No?

  2. That’s such a douchey photo. Lame album art as well.

  3. “Shit……..that wasn’t just a fart.”

    - Brandon Flowers

    “Why do I look like a urine-stained bathroom tile of a Vegas casino?”

    - Brandon Flowers Album Art

    • so basically all the unacomplished musicians dogged on flower’s in their jealous rage. the last album had a different sound to appeal to a new audience. flowers has deep and meaningful lyrics. he wants a new audience to appreciate his work. he wrote most all of the stuff already, just let keuning, vannucci jr, and stroermer write the accompaniments. his work had been very well accepted by a lot of fans thus far… its natural that he wants to please his fans. if the band don’t wanna help, more money for flowers. so go ahead and call it garbage… what have you produced?? oh… that’s right, he is a better musician than you, so maybe it wasn’t a fart in the musicalspectrum… but wtf does that make you and your lack of cult following??

      • Wow, I just saw this reply, for your information, I’m not a musician and don’t dream to be one, I don’t produce music, I am a Killers fan AND a Brandon Flowers fan, I bought that urine stained album and I love it. “On The Floor” is an amazing song. I was having a little internet fun with the overly dramatic pictures, not dogging a truly impeccable singer and song-writer, good on you for standing up for what you believe in though…

  4. This is beautiful! X

  5. Awesome song and Stunning photo!!!

  6. This is a fantastic song, very catchy, and great lyrics.

  7. brandon flowers is beautiful and so is his music

    the end

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