Klaxons - Surfing The Void

“LOL.” Yours?

Surfing The Void is out 8/23 via Polydor. Here’s its first single, “Flashover,” for which Klaxons’ sense of humor seems to have been lost to “the overmind”:

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  1. “I can haz diaper to go on 16-hour car ride to confront boyfriend involved in love triangle?”

  2. Avuncular.

    Think about it.

  3. ridiculous = cats dont have posable thumbs and could never drive a space shuttle

  4. i dunno, i kinda feel like LOL is either three or zero words.

    that having been said… i’ll go with “meme.”


  6. Not sure if I prefer this cat or the one shaped like a wave about to eat the two-headed hedgehog on MGMT’s cover. I sure do love cats!

  7. Would describe this as Go-Fuck-Yrself

  8. the flag is a nice touch.

  9. looks like evry1 wants us to think they don’t care about the cover, or they care but don’t overthink it, but this cover is way kitschy.


  11. am i the only one that thought from far away that the flag looked like another cat dressed up like some kind of klansmen, or something?

  12. wolf in a spacesuit – 1 …. klaxons – 0

  13. LOVE “Surfing the Void”!!! It’s available on iTunes NOW!!! http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/surfing-the-void/id393454039

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