Tegan and Sara PR 2010

Steel Train opened for Tegan & Sara this winter, which may be where they got the idea for Terrible Thrills Vol. 1, an album of female artists covering songs from their upcoming self-titled album. Their list of covers artists is impressive: In addition to Tegan & Sara, they’ve recruited Scarlett Johansson
, Holly Miranda
, Deradoorian
, Alia Shawkat, and 
Amanda Palmer
. Tegan & Sara’s interpretation was made with help from RAC’s Andre Allen Anjos, who turns it into a rollerskate jam with lots of tinkling keyboards and a simple bass melody taken from the original’s drums.

“Turnpike Ghost” sounds like it was a natural fit for Tegan & Sara (especially the song’s faster verses), so this song really comes off like a duet between the bands. Grab the original:

Steel Train PR 2010

Terrible Thrills Vol. 1 comes with pre-orders of Steel Train’s s/t album, out 6/29 via Terrible Thrills. Steel Train are at Mercury Lounge tonight. Tickets here.

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  1. <3 adorable.

  2. this is so good!
    ive been waiting for this :)

  3. awesome! I really like both artists.

  4. Can you guys keep covering Steel Train? Thanks! Also, Jack from Steel Train is in an awesome band called fun. who put out one of the best records of ’09 in Aim & Ignite. Anyone interested should check them out at ournameisfun.com

  5. When is the release date for Terrible Thrills?

  6. ♥~( ̄▽ ̄~)

  7. I wish I had started listening to these girls earlier, I feel like I have been missing out all these years. Very talented.

    • I count my blessings that my Canadian roots allowed me to see for the first time in a coffee shop back in 2000. Also unrelated but totally Canadian, they were robbed of a Juno back in 2006.

  8. I forgot to mention how much I liked the keyboards and vocals in the Tegan and Sara cover.

  9. when will this be downloadable this songs is so awesome

  10. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • there were actually two other stages. stop whining.

      • needed to get a good spot for LCD right after… a sacrifice that was definitely worth it.
        also i just listened to their cover in this post, and its not bad, but it doesn’t sound anything like what i heard when they played live.

        • You didn’t even listen to the song posted before posting your original comment?

          • no. my original comment had nothing to do with the song. but i did listen to over an hour of their actual music before i posted it… would this single cover song have been a better representation?

          • I just thought your comment sounded quite biased for some reason, obviously every band in the history of time is going to have people who like and dislike them for various reasons. If someone dislikes a band they don’t usual go out of their way to disparage said band and fans.

            I mean, you conveniently forgot to mention the hordes of 14 year old girls dancing and singing along to LCD at sasquatch.

  11. I can’t stop playing the Tegan & Sara cover. What a blast!

  12. on repeat for last 2 hrs

  13. anyone know where we can download the tegan and sara version please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. original is fantastic

  15. i love this girls and her music. i´m sorry to say that she isn´t so famous in germany :-(
    her music is so brilliant. neeeeeeeeed more :-)

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