Get Mariah Carey far from your mind as you head over to YeahSpace for a listen of this charming little new seasonal stopgap tune. “My only Christmas wish is for you to be here,” Karen coos through the hook, punctuating her simple Xmas list with wants of warming kisses and holiday cheer and a festive round of “fa-la-la-la-ah-ah”s. Sleigh bells ring, the guitar shivers and pings, and you finally have a Yeah Yeah Yeahs song to add to the family-nog-sipping-session playlist. There’s even a late song modulation, how festive. I haven’t really caught the spirit yet this year. Maybe now I am. Thanks for the tip, Ben. New YYYs album soon.

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  1. It’s absolutely darling.

    But what’s up with ‘Our Time’ and why haven’t I heard of it up until now?

  2. it’s great! :) it reminds me of their early stuff back when they were… well… way better :(

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