Jonah Hex Soundtrack Album Art

Mastodon’s albums always seemed like soundtracks to films that hadn’t been written yet. Makes sense that they’ve spent part of their post-Crack The Skye time writing music for the Jonah Hex soundtrack. The DC comics character has a story that could work on a Mastodon album (it’s got violence, time travel, history, etc). The band had been working on their soundtrack contributions since September last year; according to Noise Creep, the band wrote the music in the studio while watching scenes from the movie (and writer/director Jimmy Hayward said he listened to Blood Mountain while writing the script, so all kind of synergy there). I don’t know where “Indian Theme” hits in the movie (Jonah Hex is out, will probably see it with my brother this weekend), but Hex has many American Indian encounters throughout the series.

The Jonah Hex: Music From The Motion Picture EP is out 6/29. They’ll be touring with Deftones and Alice In Chains starting in September. Dates and tickets here.

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  1. Better than Crack the Skye.

  2. Quiet You. Crack the Skye is pure genius.

  3. Blood Mountain beats both any day.

  4. How bout i just “mother punch” you right in the face

  5. Agreed. Leviathan! Blood mountain is awesome tho.

  6. To hell with trying to pit one album over the other! If it’s Mastodon, it’s fucking brilliant. Done.

  7. Crack in the skye…is an orgasm to my ears..Tip top

  8. I hope they go a little heavier again for their next album. Crack The Skye was prretty good though.

  9. Mastodon is a band that never made something equal or lower quality than already done. Crack The Skye is a masterpiece, like Blood Mountain and all of their releases!! This song is pretty good, and hope that this movie could follow the same quality than that beatiful song!!

  10. People that are saying blood mountain is the best release are insane! i guess its probably the most listenable record if your into more mainstream stuff but remission is a ton better… my order would be Crack The Skye, Leviathan, Remission, Blood Mountain.

  11. right. until you see them live. their performance was utter crap when I saw them a few months back with dethklok. Really a shame, too… they were one of my favorite metal bands but their lackluster stage presence made me sick to my stomach.

  12. I prefer Remission. pussies.

  13. Right on brother!

  14. bullshit.
    mastodon put on a great show… just because they dont jump around and act like dumbasses doesnt mean the show was bad.

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