of Montreal – “Coquet Coquette”

jessica | June 25, 2010 - 4:00 pm

In his Progress Report, of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes promised a strong ’70s funk/R&B influence and mentioned a possibly getting Jon Brion to produce False Priest. The next of Montreal album now has a release date (September 14) and a first taste for us to sample. “Coquet Coquette” doesn’t sound like it emerged from his nights channeling the spirits of Curtis Mayfield or Stevie Wonder. But the record was produced by Brion, and Barnes did suggest that the album could still change a lot depending on what Brion suggested, so who knows. There are a lot of nice things here, from the percussion flourishes (it sounds to my ears like someone is breathing really hard), to the bass line on the second verse, to Barnes rhyming “mythical” and “cynical.” Mythical and cynical could describe lots of his lyrics.

of Montreal – “Coquet Coquette”

False Priest is out 9/14 via Polyvinyl. Here’s the tracklist:

01 “I Feel Ya’ Strutter”
02 “Our Riotous Defects”
03 “Coquet Coquette”
04 “Godly Intersex”
05 “Enemy Gene”
06 “Hydra Fancies”
07 “Like a Tourist”
08 “Sex Karma”
09 “Girl Named Hello”
10 “Famine Affair”
11 “Casualty of You”
12 “Around the Way”
13 “You Do Mutilate?”

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