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In his Progress Report, of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes promised a strong ’70s funk/R&B influence and mentioned a possibly getting Jon Brion to produce False Priest. The next of Montreal album now has a release date (September 14) and a first taste for us to sample. “Coquet Coquette” doesn’t sound like it emerged from his nights channeling the spirits of Curtis Mayfield or Stevie Wonder. But the record was produced by Brion, and Barnes did suggest that the album could still change a lot depending on what Brion suggested, so who knows. There are a lot of nice things here, from the percussion flourishes (it sounds to my ears like someone is breathing really hard), to the bass line on the second verse, to Barnes rhyming “mythical” and “cynical.” Mythical and cynical could describe lots of his lyrics.

False Priest is out 9/14 via Polyvinyl. Here’s the tracklist:

01 “I Feel Ya’ Strutter”
02 “Our Riotous Defects”
03 “Coquet Coquette”
04 “Godly Intersex”
05 “Enemy Gene”
06 “Hydra Fancies”
07 “Like a Tourist”
08 “Sex Karma”
09 “Girl Named Hello”
10 “Famine Affair”
11 “Casualty of You”
12 “Around the Way”
13 “You Do Mutilate?”

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  1. I’m a little disappointed that this song isn’t that funky or R&B-oriented (as he says the new album will be in his interviews), probably the most straightforward rock thing Kevin’s done in a while, but excited about all the news about the new album!

    But yeah, to me, straightforward rock with live-ish production quality and real drums aren’t really Kevin’s strong suit. I miss the tons of overdubs and studio bells and whistles of the last few albums.

    • I should specify: I miss those things on this song. I have no idea what the rest of the album is going to sound like.

    • It has some bells and whistles. BUT the last time he tried a more straightfroward rock sound was “Aldhil’s Aboretum” & thought he’d always kind of regretted that album.

      On the other hand, it’s still colorful, and balanced with other ideas the CD, it could be great…

  2. I have a feeling this album will be brilliant! Can’t wait for it.

    Maybe I’m in the minority, but I thought Skeletal Lamping was completely mindblowing.

  3. No sir, I don’t like it.

  4. I also agree that Skeletal Lamping is very much underrated. As for this new song, it isn’t anything striking, but it’s defiantly good. 10 *hearts* for Of Montreal!

  5. i really like Skeletal Lamping too, but i have to admit its nice to hear a new song of his that doesn’t contain three or four complete 180s in the sound of it. haha.
    good song though. from all the things i’ve been reading i was obviously expecting something more funky/R&B, but i still liked it. and i was totally surprised by the live drums! haven’t heard those in awhile.
    definitely excited for the new album, kevin barnes can do no wrong

    • It’s the “kevin barnes can do no wrong” mentality that will make this album a success. I think its awful, but will probably be a successful album due to a blind following and an even more mainstream accessible sound.

      • ok, well count me out of the “blind following” i guess. i said he can do no wrong because i’ve liked pretty much everything he’s done… so is it wrong to expect that he’ll continue to do so? it doesn’t mean that i’m not critical of him or anyone else that i feel that way about – if an album sucks, it sucks.
        i don’t think that a band as eccentric as of Montreal could have a blind following, but i’m sure you have a some sort of reason for saying that. and i really don’t understand how having a more accessible sound is a bad thing. but whatevs.

      • To be fair Jon Brion’s input is a huge reason for some of the sound differences here. The article even references that point. Personally I would have preferred Kevin to stick to doing things himself but, oh well.

  6. i love how thick and crunchy the guitar is at certain points but the song itself is pretty ehhhh.

  7. I stopped trying with this band a couple albums ago, but this is the most enjoyable thing I’ve heard from them in a long, long time.

    They’ve become so overblown and theatrical that this is a breath of fresh air and a reminder for me that Barnes really is a great songwriter.

  8. If this song is any indication False Priest will be getting a lot of play. For me, everything they recorded before Hissing Fauna kind of sucks but that and Skeletal Lamping are incredible.

  9. thank god a new direction

  10. Weird that the names of the songs aren’t at least 5 words long.

  11. This is great. Not mind blowing, but I could listen to this a lot. Glad it doesn’t sound as glittery sex party-y as Skeletal Lamping. Didn’t like Skeletal Lamping.

  12. i love the tom heavy drum fills, and the verse bass line. i’m stoked for false priest.

  13. If “Id Engager” was any indication, Of Montreal like to release the safest, most straightforward song first. I don’t think this is any indication of what the album as a whole will necessarily sound like. That being said, this is a totally enjoyable Kevin Barnes tune, and given the other info he’s given about False Priest I am really looking forward to it.

  14. This song reminds me of willy Wonka in the chocolate factory. Where the umpalumpas sing the songs. This song reminds me of those songs.

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