Australian trio PVT started as a quintet called Pivot — after being sued by an American band of the same name, they removed the vowels. The band’s released a couple of albums under the old moniker, but brothers Richard and Laurence Pike and Dave Miller (and his laptop) are about to release Church With No Magic, their first as PVT. The sound’s a chilly, mathy, deeply percussive mix of soaring and stuttered vocals, guitars, bass, drums (electro and otherwise), and mountains of keyboards. It feels sort of like Yeasayer gone Bladerunner. Or Battles on some kind of Coldplay kick. Instead of a studio, you get the sense it was put together in a looming shadowy factory. See, for instance, the collection’s kinetic first single “Widow” and “The Quick Mile,” the spacier locked-groove anthem that follows it. We also have a listen of “Crimson Swan,” showcasing their more patiently paced, skewed-balladic dramatics.

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To take:

Church With No Magic is out 8/10 via Warp. “Window”’s Clemens Habicht-directed video:

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  1. Nice call! Thanks for tip. Vocals really interesting. Especially like “Window”.

  2. Warning: Window video will make you dizzy. Enjoyed the ride.

  3. Great band!

  4. Great sound. Anyone seen these guys live?

    • They’re the best band to come out of Sydney for a long time and they put on some absolutely smashing great shows, i’ve been following them for years and they’ve always been quality, hopefully this new album holds up live.

  5. won’t let me download window (balls)

  6. i have heard this band before, and this seems a lot different, but i really like it, i swear they used to be on warp

    • Their last album was released on Warp though they had it mostly done before signing. It was similar but with much less vocal work. They were a lot different on their first album- but still great.

  7. First, Richard Ayoade and IT Crowd seals of approval. Now, this. Awesome! Or aweSOMA! Yea!

  8. Damn. The composition is brilliant. I’m buying this album.

  9. btw have you all listen to Temper Trap – Sweer disposition, it’s a great song and awesome band from Australia, better give a try

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