Panda Bear - Tomboy

Time to pimp the Panda (no Jack Blacko): Amazon’s got some brief clips of both sides of the forthcoming “Tomboy” 7″ for your ears — that’s “Tomboy” b/w “Slow Motion. UPDATE: Full song streams are now on Hype Machine.

(Thanks for the heads up, We All Want Someone and Consequence Of Sound.)

Single’s out 7/13 on Paw Tracks, album’s out this fall.

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  1. I was worried about this record because some of the live videos seemed kind of sparse and repetitive, but this sounds really full and lush. It’s like hip hop beach boys. Can’t wait!

  2. What button on the Amazon site do I need to push in order for me to listen? Do I need a plug-in perhaps? I’m on a mbp, btw.

  3. I recognize ‘Tomboy’ from a really good quality rip but the second is totally new to me. Both sound incredible.

  4. Not bad. I like the second song and can’t wait to hear the full length version.

  5. An article devoted to samples of upcoming music reminds me of how M.I.A.’s album was being over-hyped.

    Let’s hope that Tomboy’s “premature evaluation” is a little more enthusiastic…

  6. It’s hardly ‘an artcile’. More like a short piece of news.

    Anyway, I just heard the recordings from Primavera and I’m really impressed with the tomboy stuff.

  7. Good-ish but not great. People just desperately want to love this

    • I wouldn’t even say good-ish. It’s just okay at best, maybe even bad-ish. If it wasn’t panda bear I wouldn’t even give it a second listen. Maybe it’ll grow on me, I don’t know, but at first listen I’m not that impressed.

      • I agree that if not for the name, I’d probably never give these songs a second listen. The second song is much more interesting, but Tomboy sounds like a sleepy, boring demo/sketch of a song.

      • I agree. Both songs listed here I find min-numbingly boring and overly-intellectual; a half-assed attempt at minimalism. The production and instrumentation is beyond grating. Even if it is Panda Bear, I won’t give either of these songs a second listen.

        • overly-intellectual? explain.
          i can’t say how this stacks up compared to his other music just yet, but i still like it. “tomboy” might be a little boring i suppose, although it definitely has its moments. i dig “slow motion” more at this point, pretty melodies and i like the hip hop-sounding beat.
          i wouldn’t say that this is his attempt at minimalism though. and i think the production is fine (keep in mind, shitty vinyl-rip) but i will say that his guitar sounds really cheap/cheesey! haha.
          whatever. this just sounds like panda being panda, and thats it.

          • Lemme break it down for you here. Fail song is fail, boring song is boring, X song is X, you get the idea. It sucks ass and you have bad taste in music if you like it.

  8. I love ‘Tomboy’ right off the bat, great song! ‘Slow Motion’ on the other hand is like a chia pet.. it’s a grower. Not sure if Noah will be able to top Person Pitch though. Anyone else noticed both these songs have a 4:19 running time? Wonder if that has any particular meaning… mmm…

  9. Anyone have a dl source?

  10. Good stuff. Thanks, Noah!

  11. This guy gets too much credit. The tracks are kind of boring and it really is nothing special. I say big deal. Beach Boys? Come on already. You guys can do better than that if you’re going to make comparisons.

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