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R.E.M.’s Fables Of The Reconstruction 25th Anniversary album comes out today outside the U.S., and stateside tomorrow. The band put up “Throw Those Trolls Away,” an early pre-album-recording demo (you can hear a mid-song “turn the guitar up a little bit”) that they’ve never released before. The second disc of the reissue actually comes with 14 demos (three of those songs, like “Throw Those Trolls Away,” didn’t make the album). Have a listen at R.E.M.’s website. Fables Of The Reconstruction 25th Anniversary is out 7/13 via EMI.

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  1. This is pretty cool. It sounds like the band is just having fun with this one. I’m kind of glad it didn’t make it onto Fables though, because it really doesn’t fit in with the rest of the songs on the album. Fables may be one of R.E.M.’s most underrated albums. I’ll pick up this anniversary edition, for sure.

  2. Is this a precursor to “I Believe”? Just wondering because of the lyric repeat.

    • Yes, it sure is.

      “The liner notes list a song titled “When I Was Young” as among the tracklisting, but it does not appear on the album. The song was played live several times during the 1985 “Preconstruction” U.S. college tour (a tour that took place before the release of the album), but it was quickly dropped. However, the song was reworked into “I Believe”, released on the following album Lifes Rich Pageant. A demo version of “When I Was Young” appears as “Throw Those Trolls Away” on the 25th Anniversary Edition of Fables, released July 13, 2010; the CD-Text information on the disc, however, still identifies the song’s title as “When I Was Young”. [5]”


  3. I downloaded the reissue last nite. I’m really looking forward to listening to the demos when I get home.

  4. This website has the new album streaming… Check it out

  5. Vintage R.E.M. is the best.

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