As he did on Leno the other night, Big Boi brought the Sir Luscious smoker “Shutterbugg” to late night TV, with a band on hand to recreate the cut’s freaky talkbox syncopations and right-brained funk bed. Only this time, he just relied on the late night show in question’s house band. Smart.

(via Prefix)

Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty is out, and full of jams.

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  1. I’m convinced that Big Boi has super-human lungs… Great stuff!

  2. Is it possible for something to be TOO great? Like should you go see a doctor if something is just so wonderful you think about it for hours and hours?

    What I think I’m trying to say is, STEREOGUM will you marry me to this video?

  3. It’s “Sir Lucious,” not “Sir Luscious,” Amrit.

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