Hard L.A. M.I.A.

…bifurcated, probably. Yesterday the L.A. Times characterized the M.I.A./Die Antwoord/Sleigh Bells festival’s preemptive shutdown with a headline that principals had been “Citing Security Concerns.” Which would fit tidily in the context of last month’s Electric Daisy Carnival, where a teenager OD’d, the resulting death inciting the community’s enhanced scrutiny of such gatherings and leading to L.A. County’s instituting a task force to “examine and enhance rave security.”

The bigger reason, though, appears to be ticket sales. And how there weren’t that many.

Possibly because the headliner put out an album that people are using as a punchline. Hard L.A.’s promoters insist the city was in fact pleased with all security measures, and graciously thanked its officials while calling the cancellation “due to circumstances beyond our control.” And Hard L.A.’s other festival, at the same site (L.A. State Historic Park) in August featuring Soulwax, Crystal Castles, Major Lazer, Erol Alkan, Diplo, and Digitalism, is still on. All of which tends to undermine the security angle, and support to the nobody-wants-to-go-to-this-one one.

For their part, the promoters “would rather not comment” on how ticket sales are factoring into the mix. More corroboration for the fire. Meanwhile, NYC’s Hard Fest with M.I.A. et al, on Governor’s Island, will still occur as scheduled on 7/24, the five boroughs’ distaste for rave culture and/or  /\/\/\Y/\ not withstanding.

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  1. Good thing she married rich cuz her career aint looking so hot

  2. Small loss. Hard Summer has a better line up anyways.

  3. What a shame. I hate to see monster talent like Sleigh Bells and Joker getting shit on because the headliner failed to release decent material.

    • “monster talent like Sleigh Bells” ?
      that’s funnier than your favorite Beavis and Butthead episode. Sleigh Bells is a flash in the pan duo that sounds like a ’90′s cheerleading squad mixtape meets shit production with contrived distortion…and annoying vocals.

  4. Was this the same festival that was cancelled last year as it was happening when the crowd got out of hand? The one that Underworld was supposed to headline but didn’t while people inside the venue rioted?

  5. I could care less about M.I.A’s being canceled – I FINALLY GET TO SEE SOULWAX!!!

  6. Stereogum, you were correct the first time you posted this… it was cancelled because M.I.A.’s new album blows.

  7. i know she got them signed or whatever, but i really wish sleigh bells would stop doing everything with M.I.A. because they so rule and she so sucks.

  8. people are finally realizing that those three bands are just annoying memes

  9. M.I.A. has not ever released a solid album, and the current backlash/negative reviews seem to be the effect of critics and listeners not willing to acknowledge the mistake of buying into all of her hype to begin with. They won’t quite retroactively judge her previous output on its actual merits, but they will exaggeratedly project their frustration in the form of a negative response that is now its own trend. And aren’t those other two headliners novelty acts?

  10. are you guys really into this shit? a lil blog bashing M.I.A. like this? seriously, a blog can’t be taken seriously enough to try to launch some sort of campaign against an artist? even worse worse is the fact that U endorse bands that are terrible and have no significance what so ever. anyway, its hilarious what this shitty piece of highschool journalism is doing.

    • You’re right dude. Ignore this lil website’s well written, less than flattering review of Maya. Instead, check out the latest Entertainment Weekly. I’m sure you’ll find it’s simplistic, mass appeal style more to your liking. Oh, and they gave Maya a shitty review too. ;) .


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