Kirsten Kennis

Kirsten, the Polo-sporting mystery blonde who stars on the cover of chart topper Contra (and the cryptic banner ads that preceded it) has been revealed. Her surname is Kennis, and the photo was taken in 1983. Also, she’s not a Vampire Weekend fan. Via TMZ:

The model is Kirsten Kennis — who claims she took the original photo way back in 1983 — and had no idea it was being featured on the album “Contra” … until after the band began to promote it back in November. In a lawsuit, filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, Kennis claims she thinks it all has to do with a “photographic release” that the band obtained from a photographer named Tod Brody. Problem is, Kennis claims the signature on the release is a forgery. Kennis blames the band for not verifying the legitimacy of the release — and is suing VW and the photog for more than $2 mil.

Thanks P4K for the heads up. We’ll letcha know if we get sued for including the photo with this post.

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  1. Bitch smelled money.

  2. Whatever, I’d be flattered.

  3. I call shenanigans.
    There’s no way anyone in manufacturing would have let something go to print without being 100% sure they could legally use the image. I doubt the record label would have allowed it to happen either.

  4. I think she is the most interesting thing about the album.

  5. lets see if those preppies can buy their way out of this one.

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  7. I saw this one coming.

  8. Psh. This girl is hunting for money and publicity. She has as much of a case against Vampire Weekend as Joe Satriani did against Coldplay.

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    • i wouldnt sue them because the purpose of lawsuits are to establish some sort of retribution for wrongdoing, not a quick and easy way to make money, like most americans pushing lawsuits presume it to be.

  10. Hey if they didn’t follow up properly on her consent then they should expect legal action. They can’t just go around stealing people’s pictures!

  11. its just for her benefit. she wants the money. I’m on Vampire Weekend’s side through the whole thing though.

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  13. pretty sure yer all bums, lame ass bums,. except for you, yer cool

  14. She makes Contra So Much More Weird & Wonderful,
    She Should Be Happy & Flattered.. Poor VW !

  15. If she were thinking logically (and legally), she should go after Tod Whatshisface since he’s the one potentially dishing out probable false statements.

  16. I think she’s a contra.

  17. She is an idiot! If i obtained a photo from a photographer with a signature i probably wouldn’t check it further. Really wouldn’t expect to get sued for it…she should be shot!

  18. Why would someone wait this long to sue over something like this? The album has been out for a while now. Gingers are weird.

  19. … 2 millon dollar lawsuit to Vampire Weekend, really??? they sing about horchata for pete’s sake

  20. C’mon blogs! Where are the inappropriate, creepy, lifted from Facebook present day pictures? When will TMZ break this?

    • Tmz actually did break this story if memory serves me correctly. Also, I read in an article on yahoo, that her current facebook profile picture is of a dog, not her.

  21. also, if this was for some kind of photoshoot (and im guessing it was), kirsten doesnt have much of a case. if the picture was originally taken for something that would be displayed publicly, then it would be hard to argue the privacy rights clause. unless she hires robert shapiro.

  22. she’s a total babe

  23. she’s cute, despite being a bit wall-eyed. you can fit an 8ball up those nostrils.

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