Marnie Stern PR 2010

When I talked to Marnie Stern for a Progress Report, she mentioned “For Ash,” the track that pulled her out of a songwriting rut. But it’s important to her just-announced self-titled album for other reasons. “Ash” is the ex-boyfriend who inspired Stern to work as intensely as she has on her guitar playing and her songwriting. When she found out he had committed suicide, she immediately began writing:

I wasn’t thinking about myself, I was thinking about him. I stayed up for like three days working on that song. And it was sort of… I mean, I’m no hippie, but it was kind of like a trance-like thing. It was so upsetting and so powerful. I guess I feel like I cared about this person so incredibly much, that I wish I had a hundred songs that I could sing every night about him.

As she mentioned, and as you can hear, “For Ash” isn’t a sad eulogy. It has a wild, pummeling beat and plenty of her bright guitar leads and echoing vocal chants. If you couldn’t tell from our Gum Bowl videos, Stern is delightfully nutty in person, so a eulogy wouldn’t make sense for her.

(via P4K)

Marnie Stern is out 10/5 via Kill Rock Stars.

Comments (7)
  1. Love it!
    Expectations are now way up.

  2. Holy moly, this track is incredible.

  3. She’s so underrated.
    Love her last record.

    This sounds like it has some AC influence. Who really doesn’t nowadays?

  4. Honestly, it sounds too much like the songs off her last album. Which was great, but I had hoped she’d branch out a little.

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