Kele - "Everything You Wanted" Video

Two things you’ll learn after watching this video: 1) Kele definitely could have given you everything you wanted, everything you needed and 2) He’s sad about it. Don’t cry, Kele! Don’t you know there’s a camera on your face? Besides, you always have your muscles. And Silent Alarm.

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  1. wow, another song from him/BP with a vocal melody structure he has already over used a bunch.

    It’s hard to believe it doesn’t hit him after writing a song like this…”oh wait, mate…this sounds like 10 other derivitive songs you’ve made already.”

    • It’s true. But I still like him/BP.

      However, this song and video are a bit too self-indulgent for me. Still love you Kele.

      • So I was going to reply to this video cause I’m seeing Kele in a bit, but me and my friends are sitting here just admiring how 1) gorgeous you are and 2) the fact that you have the capabilities of analyzing his video as ‘self-indulgent’. We legit just created an account just to tell you that.

  2. I wanted to dislike this, but damn, if it isn’t catchy…

  3. I miss Bloc.

  4. I’m not quite sure why, but I really liked this.

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