Eels put out Hombre Lobro in 2009, six months later followed it up with the particularly bummed out End Times. The flood of material’s intended to be a trilogy, it’s concluding chapter coming this summer with Tomorrow Morning. You’ve heard “Looking Up,” here’s the video for the spacious and soothing keyboard groove cut “Spectacular Girl.” What makes this girl spectacular: both her taste in secretarial paraphernalia, and choice of assassin rifle.

Tomorrow Morning is out 8/24 via E Works/Vagrant.

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  1. um, yeah. femme fatale has been so over done. And technically, if she shot like that she would have a black eye, not to mention the trigger slap. Nice melody though.

  2. God, what a waste of time!

  3. Eels have been a waste of time since at least Shootenanny! They used to be my favorite band, so it’s really sad. Electroshock Blues is probably responsible for keeping me alive through high school.

  4. I really want to know exactly what type of ‘four track’ E is using for his recent en devours, as he’s getting some bloody good results.

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