The video for “Apple Walks” opens with branches and leaves that seem to be leading toward an apple orchard, but it’s only a matter of time before Matt Mondanile, aka Mr. Ducktails, aka a member of Jersey Shore-fixated Real Estate, aka the “Sandglider,” arrives at a beach.

(Via P4K)

The “Apple Walks” b/w “Mirror Image Index” is out via SHWDPLY.

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  1. Of course this is via p4k.. but we would have all been better off without this shitty ass music. Seriously how much safer could you make a song? God forbid you can actually hear any melodies otherwise it would be alot more obvious that this sucks but instead we have to listen to all of his shitty effects and watch this bullshit video of him walking on a beach. This is another perfect example of what everyone was talking about in that gate song. Quit giving assholes like this credibility or losing yours as a music blog for that matter.

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