Les Savy Fav Root For Ruin Album Art

I don’t know if Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington had his shirt off while doing the vocals for “Let’s Get Out Of Here” (guitarist Seth Jabour mentioned that Harrington likes to take his shirt off while recording in our Progress Report). But it makes the song’s line, “I just want you to want me now,” more significant. Or it makes the title more significant, depending on how you feel about a shirtless Tim Harrington. Listen below, and download in exchange for your email:

Root For Ruin is out 9/13 in the UK via Wichita and 9/14 in the States via Frenchkiss Records.

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  1. Catchier than anything they’ve done in the last 15 years (i.e. their entire career).

  2. catchy indeed…and it just kicks ass in general

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