The Eagles guys are getting a lot of mileage out of this mediocre song. They passed along two video versions — one starring pin art and one a pinhead — and then a couple months ago brought the song to Jimmy Kimmel. In case you missed it those times, the most recent performance came via Leno this past Friday. You can watch it at Hulu. Things to note: Jay’s amused by the Heart On pun, it’s funny to hear him say “death metal” even in this totally-not-death-metal context, and he digs the band’s “nice bikes.”

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  1. This album is so much better than this song.

    • Agreed. The tune’s not their greatest, but the album is great, and if you haven’t seen EODM live, you’re simply missing out on a great experience.

  2. My ears rang for three days after seeing these guys last month. Totally kickass show.

  3. Sir Terrence Tuppins  |   Posted on Jan 12th, 2009 0

    This is a very mediocre song from an otherwise fantastic straight up rock-n-roll band. The kind of band that ensures the boogie is fully intact with it’s woogie.

    Even if it’s old(er), I still think their track “I Only Want You” is best jump out of your seat rock-n-roll tune to released in some time.

    Hallelujah for 29 Palms and it’s surrounding areas.

  4. joe  |   Posted on Jan 12th, 2009 0

    i like this song, and they are a kickass bad

  5. I’ve been a bad Homme fan. I normally eat up anything he puts out, but I’ve been slow about picking up this album. This song is a bit mediocre; probably why I’ve been slacking. But EODM do totally kicks ass, and I still plan on getting the album.

  6. how can anyone shit on a song that has someone playing a bass with a slide?

  7. These guys are a bunch of dorks! Yeah, pretty terrible song… The lead guy’s facial hair/mullet are totally obnoxious even if they are meant to be ironic.

    I’ll still check out some of their other songs though, since the consensus seems to be that they are not an overall crappy band.

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