Avey Tare - Down There

Following in Panda Bear’s footsteps, Avey Tare has himself a lone Animal album coming out this fall. Down There, recorded by the most elusive of Animal Collective members Deakin, is Avey’s first complete solo outing. It was reportedly inspired by crocodiles (reptiles, not the San Diego band). Take a closer look at the croc cover art while you read over the tracklist.

01 “Laughing Hieroglyphic”
02 “3 Umbrellas”
03 “Oliver Twist”
04 “Glass Bottom Boat”
05 “Ghost of Books”
06 “Cemeteries”
07 “Heads Hammock”
08 “Heather In The Hospital”
09 “Lucky 1″

Down There is out 10/26 via Paw Tracks. If you’re in NYC, you can catch Animal Collective DJ at PS1 tomorrow.

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  1. I’m interested. Not sure what to expect

  2. Thankfully his ho won’t be holding him back this time.

  3. The three solo songs he’s released so far were really good. I’m optimistic this album will be too.

  4. I’m pretty pumped, his vocals make a lot of their songs imo

  5. I love Panda, but I feel like Avey gets cast aside too often as the “difficult, screamy” member of Animal Collective. His stuff on Strawberry Jam is some of my favorite Animal Collective material. I seriously can’t wait to hear his solo stuff.

    • Agreed. People say Panda Bear is the “genius” behind Animal Collective, but the best AnCo songs are Avey Tare written and sung.

      • I wouldn’t say his are better than Panda’s (except in my mind Reverend Green, my favorite AnCo song), but he is overlooked far too much. It seems when Panda mainly contributes to an AnCo song it is known as his song, but when Avey does one its just simply attributed to AnCo as a whole. Everyone needs to step back and realize that every member in AnCo is extremely talented and its too hard to say which one is best.

  6. safer, what would I want, sky?, fireworks, and the purple bottle are better than most anything panda’s even thought about recording….

    • To me, Panda Bear sort of stole the show on “Merriweather Post Pavillion.” “Summertime Clothes” is an excellent song, and the rest of Avey’s contributions are solid, but none of them really stick out to me as much as Panda’s.

      I would personally rank “Daily Routine,” “My Girls,” “Guys Eyes” and “Brothersport” up there with those Avey Tare songs you mentioned (though I think you missed “Water Curses” and “Street Flash”).

  7. I’m looking forward to this more than the new Panda Bear.. Ok there, I said it.

  8. He’s been doing stuff without animal collective for years, no? I saw him with a young lady performing some tunes years ago.

  9. I think Avey Tare and Panda Bear are both amazing artists and I’m really looking forward to both of their solo albums.

  10. Thank god I get to hear some Avey songs without Panda Bear ruining everything, looking forward to this.

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  12. He is a genius, I know this, because I am a genius. It takes one to know one, so there.

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  14. Hard to listen to doesn’t mean bad. When Igor Stravinski presented Rite of Spring for the first time most of the audience was repulsed and shocked from the unconventional and violent music that they heard. A few recognized the genius in it and it is now known as one of the best Classical pieces of the 19th century.
    So just because something is hard to listen to doesn’t make it bad, it is simply harder to understand because we are so accustomed to living in a world where popular music is nothing more than the same uninspired pop songs and low quality rap which is played ad infinitum on all the major radio stations.

  15. Panda Bear’s Tomboy + Avey Tare’s Down There = Animal Collective’s Speakerboxxx / The Love Below

  16. blah
    in reply to that comment about the band being pretentious, Merriweather is probly their most pretentious work. the soundscapes of ahh good country and two sails on a sound burst with creativity and blow songs like bluish and guys eyes out of the water. yes Merriweather is extremely accessible but a lot of the songs don’t really compare to the genius of visiting friends and meet the light child. in my opinion the earlier stuff, as a whole is better. that being said i can’t wait for their next full length and it will be interesting to hear Deakin’s solo record

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