Stream Arcade Fire's MSG Concert Live

Tonight, starting at 10PM EST,  you can stream Arcade Fire’s Suburbs-toasting Madison Square Garden concert as it happens. The broadcast’s being directed by Terry Gilliam for the first installment of American Express, VEVO, and YouTube’s five-part UNSTAGED series. But Gilliam doesn’t see himself as “Director.” As he told the NY Times when asked about the genesis of the collaboration:

You mean [laughs] how the finger of God pointed down at me and said, ’You are the chosen one? Help these young people out, save their careers,’ that sort of thing? Well, it was as long ago as two weeks ago when my agent was approached, saying they were doing a show at Madison Square Garden. They wondered if I could get involved with no time at all, which means there’s very little I can do. It’s all their work -– I’m just trying to make sure that it gets somehow seen on the web accurately. I’m not a director -– let’s put it that way –- in this instance. I’m just a follower. [laughs]

A follower and an Arcade Fire fan (he also mentions Sunset Rubdown, obviously, and Wolf Parade as “favorites”). You’ll get more indie rock shop talk and background info at ArtsBeat. More importantly … Anyone care to liveblog the MSG proceedings? Maybe they’ll cover Jay Reatard again. How many orgasm faces can we expect from Win? Watch at ArcadeFireVEVO and feel free to share.

Here’s what “Ready To Start,” “Rococo,” and “Empty Rooms (Feat. Owen Pallett)” looked and sounded like:

UPDATE: The setlist…

“Ready To Start”
“Neighborhood #2 (Laika)”
“No Cars Go”
“Empty Room”
“The Suburbs”
“Crown Of Love”
“We Used To Wait”
“Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)”
“Rebellion (Lies)”
“Month Of May”
“Keep The Car Running”
“Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)”
“Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)”
“Wake Up”

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  1. really? I’m first?

    surprisingly short set. way more older stuff than I expected. starting over on Sprawl II was funny/interesting/cool to watch but second go wasn’t that much better, even with the right beat. Other than Sprawl the new stuff sounded really tight. Glad to see “we used to wait” translates terrifically live, its my favorite on the new album (rococo is a sleeper pick for most epic new song though) And fucking wake up… can still bring tears to my eyes live.

    I especially liked that when it was over, instead of shuffling through 20,000 people and getting on a hot, overcrowded subway I got to take the dog out, take a piss, make a bourbon on the rocks and sit back down on my couch in basketball shorts.

    good stuff.

  2. fucking love rococo. those self righteous pricks make some great music.

  3. I liked it a lot, I think they balanced the 3 albums really well. I’m watching the re-broadcast right now, that’s how good it was. Anyway, here’s a short review:

  4. I’m really confused. Will it only be streamed/rebroadcasted once? Or will this be on VEVO for a while? I missed the live stream (hella inconvenient) and I am late on the rebroadcast.

    This is the internet, so I guess even if the minions at VEVO take it down and try to bank some money on a live DVD, there will have to be some brothaz lookin’ out for people like me and reupload the show…RIGHT?

    I’m going to be VERY upset if I miss this…

    • Just read the FAQ. They will stream “highlights” of the show. God I fucking hate VEVO. Any good thing that happens on the goddamn internet has to be sodomized by some asshole corporation. Oh well, guess I should be happy that they even planned this event. Although I’m surprised they didn’t charge people to watch it, like some pay-per-view bullshit.

    • Ok, so let me get this counterpoint rant outta the way and then I’m going to agree with you at the end: This concert didn’t happen on the web. It happened at a Madison Square Garden, and cost millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours to put on. Unless the world suddenly becomes a utopian communist society, if there’s large-scale demand for something, someone is going to own it and make people pay for it. That’s the American way. I’ve been lead sound engineer for several large-scale live concerts and theater productions, and I can tell you right now, if no one showed up and actually paid to see it, instead just streaming it on the web for free, I would never dedicate my time, sweat, and expertise to something like that again, cause it’s hard work.

      That said, the internet has a real shot at completely re-defining what ownership means and how it’s monetized. VEVO is trying to force an old model over a new archetype, and it doesn’t work. Everyone hates VEVO, and a business that’s hated dies. The whole problem is, we’re in limbo right now. Intellectual property has to be protected, even in the ether of the internet, but information can’t be restricted like this.

  5. Anyone know if there’s a corner of the internet where I can watch more than 3 of these songs? I’m a UK Citizen (check my passport) and a working man (check my tax return) so I was asleep for this!

  6. Apart from LCD’s show earlier this year, i’d have to say that that was one of the best live performances i’ve seen in a long time. people asked me if they could pull off msg, and i said they could, albeit a little reluctantly. they definitely did – immense.

    Highlights for me were crown of love, we used to wait and of course, wake up. I dont think i’ll ever get the same feeling as i did when wake up kicked in. thousands of people singing. pretty amazing.

    Regine is my new hero btw. she stole the show last night.

  7. I love the songs, but does anyone else think the sound is a bit lacking. I am sure it was perfect if you were there live but it sounds like the sound was only captured by external mics? Seems like the web part would be plugged in to the board?

  8. I went back to listen to it and it’s just bits and pieces. Someone has to have captured the full stream…

  9. Live Rococo was pheeeeeeeeenomenal.

  10. regine is amazing – i am so in love with her in a non-sexual way!

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