Just got this early Valentine’s Day present (as much as a press release can be a VDay Present). So many great bands we may not even miss MMJ (okay, we’ll miss ’em). Tickets on sale 2/23 at noon…

New York, NY. Wednesday, February 14th, 2007: Superfly Productions and A.C. Entertainment are proud to announce the initial lineup for the 2007 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. The sixth annual four-day camping and music festival will be held on June 14-17 on the same beautiful 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee, 60 miles south of Nashville. A full list of confirmed acts follows, and more will be announced in the coming weeks. The final Bonnaroo 2007 lineup will total over 100 bands and 20 comedians performing on 13 stages over four days. Tickets go on sale exclusively through www.bonnaroo.com on Friday, February 23rd at 12:00 PM EST.

The largest and most revered music and camping event in the country, Bonnaroo has elevated the American rock festival to an unprecedented level. As the only round-the-clock major U.S. music festival, Bonnaroo packs an unprecedented amount of entertainment options into its four days. The event offers attendees the amenities and community spirit of a small city, with 24 hours of activities including a comedy club, cinema, silent disco, arcade, Internet cafés, restaurants, yoga classes and hundreds of high quality craft vendors. Since its inception in 2002, Bonnaroo has swiftly earned its status as the country?s premier music and arts event. According to the New York Times, ?Bonnaroo has revolutionized the modern rock festival.? The event is famous for the incredible energy that emerges from its crowds, who make the Bonnaroo pilgrimage to immerse themselves in its unique camping community and witness four days of historical music moments. Honoring the festival?s unique spirit, Rolling Stone called Bonnaroo ?one of the 50 moments to change the history of rock and roll.?

Bonnaroo?s 2007 music lineup is once again a wildly diverse set of top-notch acts from established veterans to cutting-edge artists. This year, Bonnaroo will host the recently reunited rock legends the Police, along with other revered acts such as Tool, Widespread Panic and the first announced appearance by the White Stripes after their lengthy break. The festival?s most far-reaching lineup yet also features Manu Chao, Wilco, Franz Ferdinand, the Decemberists, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, the String Cheese Incident, Regina Spektor, the Flaming Lips and Damien Rice amongst scores of others.

Alternative arts entertainment has always been an integral part of the Bonnaroo experience. Comedy is a hit among Bonnaroo fans, who pack in to see sets at Yet Another (Comedy) Tent, the festival?s on-site comedy club. The 2007 festival offers the best crop of comedians yet. This year?s laugh lineup includes crude and hilarious sets by David Cross, Dave Attell and Lewis Black, who is returning to Bonnaroo for the second year in a row.

With this year?s stellar comedy lineup, Bonnaroo organizers continue to increase the quality and quantity of non-music entertainment options at the festival. ?Being a four-day, 24-hour event has put us in a unique position to create entertainment options that go way beyond what a fan gets to experience at a normal concert or festival,? says Superfly?s Rich Goodstone. ?You can come to Bonnaroo and catch a set by a headlining comedian, create your own mix CD, taste beers at our brewer?s festival, hook up with an environmental organization or see a new documentary film?and that?s just scratching the surface.?

Along with its exceptional programming, the Bonnaroo organization is dedicated to producing a festival that is as environmentally friendly as possible while raising awareness among patrons about green products, technologies and issues. A leader among American festivals in environmental initiatives, Bonnaroo continues to take significant steps toward reducing or eliminating its environmental impact, including aggressive recycling programs and the use of post-consumer supplies and bio-diesel generators. In 2006, Bonnaroo diverted 60 percent of its waste from landfills and replaced over 25,000 gallons of diesel fuel with bio-diesel. The festival is aggressively seeking ways to make Bonnaroo 2007 even greener.

As always, organizers are focused on providing Bonnaroo fans with the best possible overall experience. To that end, principles recently purchased the property on which the event has taken place since its inception, a move that secures the festival?s long-term stability. The purchase will enable organizers to gradually upgrade infrastructure, creating an increasingly comfortable environment for performers and attendees. With these logistical initiatives, not to mention the festival?s vital programming strategies, Bonnaroo is sure to maintain its significance in the American cultural landscape for years to come.

Official festival website is www.bonnaroo.com

2007 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival Confirmed Artists:

The Police
Widespread Panic
The White Stripes
Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals
The Flaming Lips
Manu Chao
The String Cheese Incident
Franz Ferdinand
Bob Weir & Ratdog
Damien Rice
Gov?t Mule
Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers
The Decemberists
Kings of Leon
Michael Franti & Spearhead
Regina Spektor
The Black Keys
DJ Shadow
Gillian Welch & David Rawlings
Keller Williams (WMD?s)
Sasha & John Digweed
Old Crow Medicine Show
The Hold Steady
North Mississippi Allstars
Fountains Of Wayne
Hot Tuna
Hot Chip
Lily Allen
John Butler Trio
Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys
Aesop Rock
The Richard Thompson Band
Dierks Bentley
Xavier Rudd
Gogol Bordelo
Junior Brown
T-Bone Burnett
Mavis Staples
Cold War Kids
Dr. Dog
Paolo Nutini
Brazilian Girls
RX Bandits
The Nightwatchman
The Slip
Girl Talk
Railroad Earth
Martha Wainwright
Rodrigo y Gabriela
Tea Leaf Green
Sam Roberts Band
Elvis Perkins in Dearland
Charlie Louvin
Sonya Kitchell
Mute Math
Apollo Sunshine
Uncle Earl
James Blood Ulmer
The National
The Little Ones
Ryan Shaw


Lewis Black & Friends
Dave Attell
David Cross

More acts will be announced in the coming weeks.

Tickets for the 2007 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival go on sale Friday, February 23, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST through www.bonnaroo.com

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  1. doggie  |   Posted on Feb 13th, 2007 0

    white stripes!

    i was hoping for interpol and arcade fire… oh well.

  2. Cant wait to sleep during Tortoise!

  3. Elliot  |   Posted on Feb 13th, 2007 0

    eh. i’ll take coachella anyday. David Cross is pretty enticing though

  4. sean  |   Posted on Feb 13th, 2007 0

    Eh, they have some good acts in there but the ratio of bad:good isn’t enough to inspire me. I think this years Coachella lineup is more impressive (JAMC for god’s sake!). Also, am I the only one NOT excited about The Police reunion?

  5. Justin  |   Posted on Feb 13th, 2007 0

    no My Morning Jacket???… perhaps a new album in the works?!!

  6. Bort  |   Posted on Feb 13th, 2007 0

    Jesus, there’s maybe ten bands worth seeing in that whole lineup, and most of them are playing Coachella, or did last year. Boring.

  7. Julie  |   Posted on Feb 13th, 2007 0

    I actually really like this lineup…

  8. red  |   Posted on Feb 13th, 2007 0

    In response to Justin:
    JJ is currently writing for the next MMJ album.

  9. Nelson  |   Posted on Feb 13th, 2007 0

    I like this line-up more then Coachella. I think it has more variety to it. It has classic rock bands, jam bands, indie rock, hip hop, electronic bands, world acts, etc. Coachella is cool but it seems to just be really heavy on Indie Rock and not much else. Not that that is band, but I think this is just more interesting.

    Also, after going to Lollapalooza last year, a dream line-up cannot always be as great as it seems. If there are like 80 bands on the bill that you really like, there is no way you can make it to all of them and shit is so spread out, it makes getting around a bitch. I remember they had Fiest, Built to Spill, and the go! team playing at the same time, it sucked and the stages where miles away from each other. So its cool to go these things that dont have the strongest lineup because it makes it easier to get to see what you really want.

    Ulimately though, I guess I am just lucky because I live by a big city where the bands will come to town anyway. I would rather just see these 20 acts i like spread out over 4 or 5 months then try to cram it into one day. But thats just me

  10. Coachella is more indie rock than classic rock. And that’s a good thing. Also Coachella has the dance tent which no other (rock) festival has matched so far. It’s pretty special with their Chemical Brothers and their Daft Punks closing out at night, good DJs, lights all over the place, it’s cool.

    The ‘roo lineup was way better last year – didn’t they have Radiohead, Beck AND Elvis Costello?

  11. annie onymous  |   Posted on Feb 13th, 2007 0

    what the hell are rx bandits doing there?

  12. Wow, did that picture come from my nightmare? David Cross rocks though!!!

    Bob Hasko
    http://www.TeesMyBody.com T-Shirts

  13. justin  |   Posted on Feb 13th, 2007 0

    everybody please see xavier rudd when you are there he is amazing.

  14. No Arcade Fire and No Tom Waits = me not being there

  15. 2 sheds  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2007 0

    There are some really cool bands plus plenty for the hippies but: MMJ has to be there!! (well, last year they were announced late…) But what about Band of Horses?? They would kill.

    But, Decemberists, Flaming Lips, Wilco, White Stripes, Black Keys, Hold Steady (!), Tool (wtf!!) … this is gonna be awesome

  16. emily  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2007 0

    holy crap, junior brown!

  17. Sgt. Chuckleberry  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2007 0


  18. dannygutters  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2007 0

    Ralph Stanly is cooler than you.

  19. my dad’s brother is my UNCLE EARL

  20. Shawn  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2007 0

    There are definitely some bands missing form years past that I wish were there, but this list is more than enough enticement for me:

    The Police
    Widespread Panic
    The White Stripes
    Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals
    The Flaming Lips
    Damien Rice
    Gov’t Mule
    Kings of Leon
    The Black Keys
    Gillian Welch & David Rawlings
    North Mississippi Allstars
    John Butler Treo
    Lewis Black
    Dave Attell

  21. Emmeline  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2007 0

    REGINA SPEKTOR!! *hyperventilates*

  22. Jaime  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2007 0

    Wow. This is a pretty boring line-up. Nothing to really get me excited, I have to admit.

  23. chelsea  |   Posted on Feb 15th, 2007 0

    I have to say,
    I’m extremely excited about seeing Galactic on a large stage. I’ve seen them in small venues and they kicked ass!

  24. rufusdogg  |   Posted on Feb 16th, 2007 0

    Police, Tool, Ben Harper, MULE, Old Crow Medicine Show, RX Bandits, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Wolfmother…plus the total line-up is set at 100!! Anyway you look at it this is going to be amazing. I went last year and everyone I talked to wanted Tool to be there and now they are going to be. Look if you dont like the line-up go to Coachellla and shut your mouth dont ruin it for everyone else.

  25. John  |   Posted on Feb 28th, 2007 0

    I have been to Bonnaroo the past three years. I have never been to Coachella. I can’t speak badly about it because I have never gone. I would like to, but I can’t afford to make it to both. That being said, people go to Bonnaroo as much for the overall experience as the music. It just has a great vibe. I liked the lineup last year alot better than the previous years, but the vibe there really suffered by having alot of kids come out that don’t understand what festivals are all about. There was alot of vandalism, shady kids on shakedown, and kids just trying to get too fucked up on every drug without watching out. I would sacrifice bands I like coming out if it meant more of a return to the feel the festival had the previous years. I think most people can agree.

  26. Taint Magazine  |   Posted on Mar 5th, 2007 0

    Tool + David Cross a lot of hippies and a lot of weed sounds like a pretty wonderful few days to spend outside.

  27. Greg  |   Posted on Mar 6th, 2007 0

    Why do jam bands still exist, and how do they play top notch festivals like this one?

    Does anyone out there actually listen to Sting Cheese or Widespread Panic?

  28. Mike  |   Posted on Mar 8th, 2007 0

    Yes, people actually listen to String Cheese and Widespread Panic….Whoever wrote that is an idiot. Good music is good music no matter what genre. I love Tool just as much as String Cheese or Ween or Radiohead….It doesn’t matter. People shouldn’t be so hung up on genres and appreciate all different styles, or if they don’t, there’s still no reason to bash it. Its all personal taste. By the way this year’s lineup for Bonnaroo is the best and most diverse lineup I have ever seen for any festival by far.

  29. chidonesis  |   Posted on Mar 26th, 2007 0

    Widespread and S.C.I. kick ass! The RIGHT musicians will be there. These acts alleviate a lot of the bad seeds in the crowd who were attracted to line ups like last years… I can’t wait

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