Mac-using MP3 blog readers of the world rejoice, for this new (and free, for now) application shall make your music consuming lives a breeze. For the past few weeks, we’ve been receiving a steady flow of reader emails about Peel, a program which automatically searches your bookmarked blogs for MP3s and presents them with iTunes-like ease, design, and functionality. Thanks to Anthony’s insistence we downloaded this morning, and highly recommend you do the same.

Peel searches your blog and creates a playlist of its posted MP3s. It’s elegant and efficient, allowing you to avoid spending time downloading and deleting by creating quick song streams, easy as pressing play in iTunes. If you like a song, downloading is a click away (and for the anal types like us, it even creates separate folders for each blog to keep your downloads nice and tidy). Set preferences for it to refresh from your blogs as often as you like. And if you’re into that whole reading thing, you can see the relevant post in full via Peel, too. Click the “Web” tab over the playlist panel.

The program is in beta and free to the public for now, so grab it while you can. Soon it’ll be $15; still worth it, but we know how you like free shit.

For those of you that are already hip to the Peel appeal: Do you know if it’s like Hype in that it doesn’t steal bandwith? We couldn’t find an FAQ, so if you have background or useful info, please help. But for now, we love.

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  1. holy shit. this is totally gonna change the way i work out.

  2. Ari  |   Posted on Feb 16th, 2007 0

    woah! This looks very good, thanks!

  3. alice  |   Posted on Feb 16th, 2007 0

    looks a bit like songbird

  4. liz  |   Posted on Feb 16th, 2007 0

    oh my god. excellent.

  5. sean  |   Posted on Feb 16th, 2007 0

    The screenshots alone have me very excited. This looks perfect.

  6. McBubbs  |   Posted on Feb 16th, 2007 0

    I am so glad you pointed out the importance of not stealing bandwidth from sites that may be hosting free copies of someone else?s intellectual property. Gotta have ethics, man.

  7. Ben  |   Posted on Feb 16th, 2007 0

    any recommended blogs to add for my peel??

  8. It looks fucking awesome. If only there was a Windows version!

    P.S. Not to pile on the hate, but their logo is a total Freakonomics ripoff.

  9. Heh thanks for the comments. Well I’m not gonna defend my program but I want to defend the artist that made the icon for me. It started as a grapefruit and then we noticed an Icon that was very similar so we changed it to lime. Lime wasn’t juicy enough so we made it more orange on the inside. It’s not meant to look like an apple with orange inside but I agree it sure does. We had never seen that book cover though but i see your point.

    Thanks all.

  10. You can even see the icon sketches if you like:

  11. Kyle  |   Posted on Feb 16th, 2007 0

    has anyone got peel to get the mp3s on forkast at pitchfork to work? what address do you use?

  12. Wow. This looks awesome. now only if it would link up with

  13. Kyle  |   Posted on Feb 16th, 2007 0

    It was mentioned above, but for Windows users check out Songbird:

  14. Mike  |   Posted on Feb 16th, 2007 0

    is there another URL to use for stereogum for the MP3′s. No tracks are showing when using

  15. Potato  |   Posted on Feb 16th, 2007 0

    Mike, you misspelled stereo. You switched the o and the e. Also, when was the last time stereogum offered a song download?

  16. keaton  |   Posted on Feb 16th, 2007 0

    Indiechritoph , gorilla vs. bear , my old kentucky blog , yeti don’t dance and fulxblog have all worked pretty well and offer about 15 sounds at least each for those who need a few to check out . these and a ton of others are on the stereogum page if you look ot the right

  17. Scott W.  |   Posted on Feb 16th, 2007 0

    I have OS 10.3.9, so I guess I’m out of luck. Besides Hype, is there another good blog streamer online?

  18. PacificLight  |   Posted on Feb 17th, 2007 0

    Now if I can just get this thing talking to the audioscrobbler…

  19. For once, I wish I were a mac user =(

  20. jill  |   Posted on Feb 19th, 2007 0

    does anyone know if theres a similar application thats compatible with mac osx 10.3.9??

  21. peel hasn’t worked on your site since Feb 22, 2010 — is this on purpose?

  22. Dear Sir,

    How can I post my mp3 to you? I have a new single out.

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