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“Memories” is the first taste of Weezer’s upcoming Hurley album, and it’s about their band memories, specifically, playing back when, “…Audioslave was still Rage.” On the plus side, Rivers Cuomo and Brian Bell don’t look like they’ve aged since then. UPDATE: What you see above is the glorious album cover for Hurley, a candid photo of actor Jorge Garcia, aka, Hurley from Lost. That’s according to Spinner, who may be pulling a prank with Weezer. Says Cuomo:

I was coming up with all kinds of stuff, but ultimately, we just went with some random word that doesn’t really have anything to do with anything. I just loved this photo of Jorge Garcia — it just had this amazing vibe. We didn’t want to do a fourth self-titled record and we knew people would refer to it as ’the Hurley record’ even if left it without that title, so we just called it Hurley. No words are on the cover because all we wanted was his amazing face.

Listen to “Memories” below:

UPDATE: Weezer sent a message out to its mailing list with a link to download “Memories” just for one day. Grab it here.

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Hurley is out 9/14 via Epitaph.

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  1. Welp. So much for the idea that Geffen was the problem.

  2. The problem is the lack of Matt Sharp and the urge Rivers feels to please everyone. Maybe Sharp was somehow able to encourage Rivers to write songs that pleased him instead of pandering to the record label and trying to appeal to a large range of potential fans.

  3. there’s something about the chorus that’s pretty strokes-y. maybe the vocal melody/synth unison?

    • Maybe if The Strokes completely drowned in the darker, shittier recesses of their third album.

    • It’s probably because the melody sounds just like “You Talk Way Too Much.” Probably not on purpose but that usually ruins a song for me. Not that this one needed too much of a push in that direction.

  4. This sounds like a Boston b-side. At this point, Weezer is like that white van falling of the bridge in “Inception,” except you know for sure that they’re not gonna make it out in time. I’m gonna put on “My Name is Jonas” and pour some liquor out.

  5. I’m hearing Andrew W.K. It’s not awful, just pleasant and instantly forgettable.

  6. this sounds like the opening theme to Season 3 of Jesey Shore

  7. This is a quality track with a lot of heart. Musically its got some balls – ok perhaps not the “prettiest” weezer melodies we’ve heard, but thats totally not needed on this song. Lyrically, its cool to look back with the band at their origins, and celebrate their longevity – 8 albums and coming up on 20 years… To re-cast the Inception analogy in a more accurate way, Weezer is way past any ‘falling van’ issues here. Rather, they’ve dispelled the meddling ‘Mal’ and are confidently flying home. And I love that little breakdown with the Clash “Lost In The Supermarket” vibe. Little moments like that remind me that this band are by no means tapped out, and i for one look forward to the surprises i know are coming.

  8. i’ve heard far worse weezer than this. nobody will go back to square one completely to please old fans. they’re not going to write another pinkerton get over it. just like green day won’t write another dookie. If you’ve been listening to them for the last 10 years and you still think they’re going make a lo-fi old school record, you’re insane. I like this song for what it is, A radio hit with a not-so-generic chorus. Remember this band made beverly hills, this is friggin great compared to that.

  9. As an old Weezer fan this plays as a fun, raw setup track for a back-to-their roots record. “Memories” feels like an exhibition of when Weezer was doing everything on their own, and plays as a way to psych themselves up to go to a more raw, guitar driven record that is independently released on Epitaph and share that with fans. I like the energy in the verses and the chorus is super-hooky in classic Weezer style.

  10. I love this band and am excited about the new record after hearing this track. They constantly put on one of the best live shows i have seen.

  11. This band is drowning in a sea of complete and utter ridiculousness.

    Look away. Nobody can save them now.

  12. Beverly Hurlz…That’s where I want to be! (hurley, hurley)

  13. In other music news …

  14. weezer needs to take a long walk off a short anything that leads to them not being a band anymore and maybe getting punched in the face a few times along the way. ugh.

  15. Weezer releases a shitty new song. In other news, water is wet, grass is green, and bears will maul you. Are there really people left at this point who honestly think this band is going to randomly pull a decent album out of thin-air after years of crap? Come on folks, there’s better music out there to listen to, better bands to concern yourself with. No use holding out for the impossible.

  16. Okay song. The bassline reminds me of Rebbelion by Arcade Fire. Its actually almost the same except for one note.

  17. It’s a pleasure to hear Weezer’s new stuff, whether it’s good or great.

  18. I think the positive comments on here are not actually approvals of this “song” as much as they are a testament to the power (and admittedly, greatness) of the blue album, and to a lesser degree pinkerton. because everything else since then (- maybe hash pipe) is awful. no really. its awful. weezer is now awful.

  19. What the fuck is wrong with you, Weezer?

  20. This reminds me of Pinkerton!

  21. Weezer stop!!! Please before someone gets hurt.

  22. I miss when weezer used to use acoustic guitars

  23. It’s not a bad song. If you listen to the instrumentation at the beginning and combine that context with the rest of the song and its lyrics you realize the song is almost downright depressing. “How can we make it back there? I want to be there again” they’re talking about how they’ve been unable to rediscover that sound everyone knows and loves.. you know, the one most of you are pretty much whining for throughout this entire post. He actually addresses you chipper, supportive chums around two minutes in..

  24. Well, I made it about half way through the song…

  25. Too much compression. I can’t listen to this.

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