Who'll Headline Coachella 2011?

Here we are just barely on the flip side of Lollapalooza, mercifully restored to couches after a festival season that saw me at most every stop, petting my dogs, eating Forninos pizza, yet unable to resist Scott’s back-office conversation bait: “So, who do you think will headline Coachella 2011?” That’s the lineup to date up there. The dates are set. No rest for the intrepid. Fine, let’s play.

2010′s Indio week will be tough to beat: perfect weather, Pavement, Thom Yorke, Gorillaz, Jay-Z, Die Antwoord’s triumphant live coming-out party. Often, though, there’s a formula: Some indie-culture zeitgeist nailer, some high profile reunion (think Rage, or on less-than-headliner status, Pavement and My Bloody Valentine), and it wouldn’t hurt to have a boomercentric nostalgia trip to lock in some advance sales in light of having nixed single-day tix. (Sir Paul and Roger Waters are Coachellampions in that regard.)

If the festival was this week, some answers would be obvious. Since that lineup’s still five months from certain, it’s prediction/conjecture, but prediction/conjecture that can be broken down thusly: Zeitgeist, Reunion, Boomer, OutKast (it’d be great if they got OutKast). If you wanna do Goldenvoice’s job for them in the comments, and be right about it, we’ll cite you when the time’s right.

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  1. R.E.M. should be touring for their new record. Give them night 3.

  2. Van Halen and The Strokes will have new albums coming next year.

  3. Arcade Fire – and maybe The Strokes

  4. Radiohead will probably have a new LP out by then. Tack on Arcade Fire… and Bowie. Would be epic.

  5. Arcade Fire-Radiohead-Velvet Underground

  6. David Bowie – The Replacements (maybe not a headliner, but get them on the bill), The Who, and Outkast would be awesome.

  7. Boards of Canada

  8. Tokyo Police Club-Manchester Orchestra- Dr. Dog- The Antlers- WHY?-Sigur Ros

  9. A reunited Spacemen 3, although I’m not holding my breath for Jason to agree.


  11. Jawbreaker, white stripes, beastie boys, descendents

  12. Arcade Fire, Strokes, Radiohead.

  13. SIOUXSIE ! and uhm iono

  14. The Avalanches.

  15. I’m loving the consensus so far for Coachella 2011. Arcade Fire’s two previous appearances were major building blocks for them so it would be perfect for them to return. Radiohead would be special. Strokes? Maybe a #2 slot one night. Kings of Leon are due to return and they’d be winners in a headline slot.


  17. The Smiths. Am I doing this right?

  18. I predict an ABBA reunion.
    or The Jam.

    Justice would be cool.

  19. Gospeed You! Black Emperor….

  20. Listen to my heart: Roxette

  21. beatles anyone?

  22. I’m telling you, ELECTRIC SIX. They will rock all the hipsters socks right off. We need more non pretentious comedy dance rock…im sick of all the conceited boys in skinny jeans playing music that sounds the SAME as all the other shit out there.

  23. I’m Wondering why nobody has mentioned the Red Hot Chili Peppers by now. They’ll release their new Album in the Beginning of 2011 and after that they’ll be touring around the world so why not? Would be great to see them there after the hiatus.

    Otherwise i would like to see Radiohead and Arcade Fire as Headliners. Outkast would also be very very nice

    • hmm…i’m thinking that maybe nobody mentioned them because nobody cares to see them at coachella. Kiedis is so tone deaf live…and that’s not an opinion, it’s a fact that he has terrible pitch problems. he should stick to scatting about coyotes…

    • I kind of wish they’d go on a long anticipated “break” like the Foo fighters.

  24. If Coachella 2011 is headlined by Arcade Fire and Kings Of Leon, I’d rather set my ticket on fire

  25. Ideally…

    Outkast (new album in 2011? possibility)
    Daft Punk (unrealistic)
    Animal Collective (probably not)

    Radiohead and Outkast are realistic and would be awesome.

  26. Aerosmith!

    If you book them, they will come.

  27. Outkast, Kanye, Radiohead, Daft Punk, Arcade Fire
    The universe (at least my skull) would implode if any three were headlining

    I think Daft Punk will be at Bonnaroo for the 10th anniversary…

  28. The Smiths would be ideal given Coachella’s proximity to Mexico.

    Neil Young

  29. I’m gonna throw another name in there……Reunited CARS would be great.


  31. Radiohead – Arcade Fire – Sufjan

  32. GENESIS reunion with PETER GABRIEL (phil collins back to drums)
    oh.. it is all european, that will not happen..

  33. Phil Collins hurt his back or some shit and is in no condition to play a drumset, unfortunately.

  34. Bubba Sparkxxx
    Little-T And One Track Mike
    Bad Ronald

    would fucking rule

  35. David Bowie (because the joke of him ACTUALLY playing is getting old)
    Daft Punk (because of TRON coming out)
    Boards Of Canada (because why the fuck not?)

  36. I would love to see the Strokes, and Arcade Fire.

  37. I’m gonna go with the 8 bands or artists who would probably be most likely to headline the Damn thing:
    They are:
    Arcade Fire
    My Morning Jacket
    Kanye West
    Dr. Dre
    Foo Fighters

    and here are some artists that would be really cool to see headline or just play in general:
    The Avalanches
    The Replacements
    Leonard Cohen
    The Strokes
    Galaxie 500
    Orange Juice(Edwyn Collins is supposed to come tour the U.S. in 2011, his wife/manage assured me of it in an e-mail lol)


  39. Radiohead
    Arcade Fire
    Daft Punk
    Chemical Brothers
    Basement Jaxx
    Lady Gaga
    Boards of Canada
    New Order Reunion! (hahahaha… yeah right)

  40. these 6 r looking like locks

    Arcade Fire dropped Suburbs big hit n missed festival season this summer….saw them in boston amazin i dc how pretentious ppl think they are….they can play a great live show and james murphy loves them
    Kanye West droppin album in november will tour early nex yr n hit festivals skippin roo for obv reasons goes to lolla coachella etc, kanye will be back in top form i believe n outdo jays festival performances..
    Cut Copy droppin album in january….they will be the electronic act of 2011
    Daft Punk-tron soundtrack in dec, the pyramid is back???
    Radiohead- hopefully droppin album end of year n then hit festivals next yr
    Outkast more of a long shot saw big boi at pitchfork was amazin..big boi will have victory lap doin solo tour throughout rest of yr n then nex yr andre will start poppin wit him at festivals i think

  41. Outkast, Arcade Fire, R.E.M.

    I see the Strokes subheadlining, with Interpol and Sigur Ros subbing as well. Maybe a Roxy Music appearance.

  42. Oh you did not just place “Die Antwoord” and “triumphant” together in the same sentence

  43. woozefa  |   Posted on Aug 13th, 2010 +1

    SIR MIX-A-LOT. comeback, son!!!

  44. arcade fire, the strokes, and radiohead has 0 variety. that would never happen.

    radiohead, the kinks, and avalanches or GY!BE or boards would be ridiculous

  45. Radiohead, Outkast, Strokes, Bowie would all be amazing… How about a Coachella appearance from Wilco? White Stripes too.

    I’d also LOVE to see Joker, FlyLo, Distance, Kode9, or Benga in the electronic tent.

    Oh and M83 needs to be there, simple as that

  46. The Strokes who else?

  47. I’m down with OutKast and Radiohead headlining. I’d love the National to play 2011 as well.

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