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Kill Rock Stars will release An Introduction to… Elliott Smith, a sort of greatest hits collection from the late singer. The songs come from all seven Smith albums, mostly from his independent releases, with just one track each from his DreamWorks albums XO and Figure 8. Says Kill Rock Stars: “We hope this will enable new generations to learn about Elliott’s music by providing a pathway for people to delve more deeply into his immensely satisfying catalog.” Check out the tracklist below. What’s missing? It was probably a rights thing, but this could definitely use more (or all) of XO.

01 “Ballad of Big Nothing” – from Either/Or
02 “Waltz #2″ – from XO
03 “Pictures of Me” -from Either/Or
04 “The Biggest Lie” – from Elliott Smith
05 “Alameda” – ffrom Either/Or
06 “Between the Bars” – from Either/Or
07 “Needle in the Hay” – from Elliott Smith
08 “Last Call” – from Roman Candle
09 “Angeles” – from Either/Or
10 “Twilight” – from a Basement on the Hill
11 “Pretty (Ugly Before)” – from a From a Basement on the Hill
12 “Angel in the Snow” – from New Moon
13 “Miss Misery” (early version)” – from New Moon
14 “Happiness” (single version) – from Figure 8

An Introduction to… Elliott Smith is out 11/2 via Kill Rock Stars.

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  1. A great idea, but unfortunately this is just a cash grab. They didn’t want to pay the money to license the songs from Dreamworks so they just stacked the albums with songs that they owned the rights to. This does not make for a great introduction to Elliott Smith, especially when there is some great Elliott Smith material on Figure 8 and XO.

    I’d like to see the “An Introduction to…” trend continue though. It is a really fantastic idea for bands that aren’t hit machines or necessarily rooted to the mainstream.

  2. Totally agree with Alan. While it’s great that Elliott is getting the recognition he deserves, and a “Greatest Hits” is an excellent idea, I don’t really think this tracklisting would reflect many of his fan’s favourite songs. “XO” and “Figure 8″ really did contain some of his best work. Would be great to see more of his excellent still unreleased stuff on there too.

  3. condor ave > last call

  4. Cash grab, obviously – but it should most definitely be 2 discs (14 songs is not enough of an intro to any artist with over 3 albums, let alone one with a catalogue as thoroughly stacked as ES’ ) and should have more XO and Figure 8. I’ll just stick to making my own ‘best of’ compilations, thank you.

  5. Well, the most glaring omission is “Say Yes”, I’d say… Maybe whoever put this together figured five “Either/Or” tracks was enough.

    In general, I have never been too crazy about “XO”; “Waltz #2″ is probably the best song from that album, so I’m not terribly upset that there aren’t more “XO” tracks.

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