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A Forest Of Stars – “Sorrow’s Impetus”

Brandon Stosuy | August 23, 2010 - 1:35 pm

A Forest Of Stars’ 72-minute sophomore album Opportunistic Thieves of Spring is one of those kitchen-sink psychedelic black metal records that requires a number of close listens and, depending on your temperament, perhaps a bit patience. Not me — I tend to eat up this sort of thing, though I’m admittedly not 100% behind their Victorian wardrobe and conceptual angling (so I close my eyes and ignore it). On Opportunistic, the quintuplet remind me of fellow UK black metal experimenters Code, but with more spaciousness in their twists and turns (as well as that 19th Century Spiritualist/carnival vibe threaded throughout). We’re told the album’s “an unearthly journey from the rise of mankind to the Golden Age to its decline in the Kali Yuga,” so let’s begin at the beginning: The 13-minute “Sorrow’s Impetus” gives you a taste of the collection’s various elements, including an overall expansiveness and those strings via longtime My Dying Bride keyboardist/violinist Kati Stone (here, Katheryne, Queen of the Ghosts).

A Forest Of Stars – “Sorrow’s Impetus”

01 “Sorrow’s Impetus”
02 “Raven’s Eye View”
03 “Summertide’s Approach”
04 “Thunder’s Cannonade”
05 “Starfire’s Memory”
06 “Delay’s Progression”

Opportunistic Thieves Of Spring is out via Transcendental Creations. For further research, take a look at their “Top 8″ at MySpace. You’ll also get a good idea of their aesthetic in this video for “A Raven’s Eye View.” (On the album, it blends together beautifully with “Sorrow’s Impetus.”)