Saturday night in Helsinki Bono and The Edge unveiled this new one, either intentionally or temporarily a duet between those2 and The Edge’s signature ricochet delay guitar work. There are harmonies, “self-made enemies,” self-doubt, drama, and plenty of watery metaphors. It’s U2 songwriting science.

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    • “you who?” –readers

    • It’s funny that you should ask this… I was a huge U2 fan in the ’90s. I don’t care much for their music since the “Beautiul Day” single, but I’m still vaguely interested in all U2-related news. Just some strange curiosity, almost always followed by disappointment, and then by a feeling of shame of having thought that I actually might have not been disappointed. I bought their last album and listen to it for maybe a week; it didn’t seem so bad to me. New music to feed nostalgia, I guess.

      So, yes, I’m actually interested in U2 posts on Stereogum. But I don’t really know why.

      • “I was a huge U2 fan in the ’90s. I don’t care much for their music since the ‘Beautiul Day’ single, but I’m still vaguely interested in all U2-related news”


        (I liked half of POP.)

        • Yes! Pop is a highly underrated album in my opinion. “Mofo”, “Gone” and “Please” have some of Bono’s best lyrics (Remember when Bono was considered a decent lyricist?!?) and U2 hasn’t really been that experimental since. And though it wasn’t on Pop, “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” was written around the same time, and to this day, I still think it’s the best song every written about rock stardom. “They want you to play Jesus, To go down on one knee, But they’ll their money back, If you’re alive at 33…” Glad they put that back in the 360 set, but sad that no one takes it seriously because it was on the Batman Forever soundtrack.

    • That is a good question. Do you all not care about U2? They play their first concert in Russia tomorrow.


      MOSCOW (AP) – Russia’s rock-music-loving president hosted Bono, the frontman of the Irish band U2, at his resplendent residence near the Black Sea resort of Sochi on Tuesday, and praised him for writing music “that unites generations.”

      Dmitry Medvedev, a well-known fan of the classic rock acts Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, complimented the 50-year-old singer, six years his senior, for highlighting problems in Africa, such as poverty and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

      “You are doing important things, because taking care of people is not only a job for politicians,” Medvedev said.

      • Joshua Tree was the first album (on cassette!) I bought in ’87. Pretty much everything these guys did pre-Pop is classic. My first big concert was the ZOO-TV tour in ’92 – and I don’t know if a lot of you guys were old enough, but there was no hotter ticket in the entire world than that show. U2 in the 90s was groundbreaking for a mainstream act and the ZOO-TV stuff was considered pretty out there and challenging.

        The 2000s have been a really tough time for U2 fans that remember the old times. Their last three albums have completely sucked ass save one or two singles, and they seem to have devolved into formula and comfortable bloat (especially Bono). A lot of people on this board have probably only experienced U2 in the 2000s – friends, that is not the band many of us know and I think the defenders on here are a little bit older. I hope they have one great record left in them, but as of now I put them in the same category of Weezer and the Stones – great bands that released some classic albums many years ago that skate by on their live shows.

      • I haven’t liked their last few albums at all (loved most of All That You Can’t Leave Behind though), but I’m still very interested in hearing about their new singles whenever they arrive. I’m not particularly interested in their other news or song debuts unless it’s a single, part of the Spider-Man musical, or particularly good…

  2. I was too young when the U2 records I really love came out, I listened and appreciated those records later, and I agree with those who now don’t like them at all; I don’t appreciate Bono’s will to save the world, but I still listen to them, I hope there will be something really great to end the great story of this band, years 2000 excluded. They came to Italy few days ago, I chose not to go and see them, I think I will not spend money to see them live again…

  3. Obviously I’m not the majority here, but I’m U2 crazy, and it’s cool to see U2 news on Stereogum. My favorite U2 fansite gives me all the news about a week before the ‘gum does, but it’s nice anyway.

    I also don’t understand all the U2 hate but that argument is for another time. (hopefully)

  4. OK Stereogum! WTF! You guys are better than this, even if it is a slow news day. U2 has had their day and I give them the respect they deserve for some good records but now LEAVE US ALONE. No more! No more! Remember that? Wish they would. Unless they are ripping off another A-ha! song, I don’t want to know about it. Leave this kind of news to Rolling Stone! —-end of rant—-

  5. As far as post-millennial U2 sapfests go, it’s not half-bad.

    I too appreciate U2 coverage on Stereogum. This is basically the only music site I go to so it’s good to know what’s going on with the big bands as well as the no-namers.

  6. The only thing this post has going for it is that its not about some retarded remix of an already bad song, thats not saying much.

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