The UK may have a momentary mobile obsession with the Crazy Frog, but 25-year-old rapper Mims has stumbled upon a different recipe for cellular success in the States: Write a self-celebrating song, be embraced my a nation of ringtone junkies. Via NY Post:

In the past month, more than 650,000 people have chosen to have their phones answered with a ring tone that boldly announces: “This Is Why I’m Hot.”

“America has to be one of the cockiest nations ever,” says MIMS, the 25-year-old rapper who wrote the song behind the ring tone. “But it’s good to feel good about yourself.”

But the track’s success isn’t limited to the cell phone market; “This Is Why I’m Hot” is Billboard’s Hot 100 Song chart’s third-fastest climber to the #1 spot. All of this means a lot of green for Mims, but what to do with all that cash? Lucky for him, the Hip Hop Summit Action Network has his best financial interests in mind. Get Rich Slowly points to a USA Today article profiling the project, currently on a seven-city tour “to teach young minorities how to handle their financial lives.? Rapper Slim Thug elaborates on the need for careful spending and self-reliance:

?I took my homeboys to the club, buyin? bottles, got the rims ? you know what I mean,? said Slim Thug, 26, a Houston rapper whose prized possessions include a $460,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom. ?Then I couldn?t be paying the rent! Homeboys can?t help you now.?

“I got a big house, 7,000 square feet, and I be driving around town in the big trucks and you know, all that. And I had to wake up and say: What are you doing? What you need this big house for? I gotta check myself on this. I got two kids and I can?t rap forever. You not be buying my CDs when I?m 40, you know what I mean? When you do get your bread, you gotta keep your bread, you know what I mean??

USA Today described the well-intentioned seminar as advice “you’d get from Merrill Lynch … Just more colorful.” Hope Mims is taking notes, but somehow we don’t see him celebrating his single’s success by geeking out over Roth IRAs.

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  1. “You not be buying my CDs when I’m 40, you know what I mean?”

    I DO know what he means! I also not be buying any Slim Thug CDs whem I’m 31, which is right now, ya heard!?!?

  2. And the winner is … “My Humps”

    *crowd goes wild and some guy in the back row shoots himself in the foot*

  3. Chrysti  |   Posted on Mar 20th, 2007 0

    stave thomas is a fuckin joke.
    he is a sorry piece of crap that should go to UH and get some education. dogging your oldest friends like he does and then say some shit like this proves how sorry he is.
    makes me cringe everytime it comes up he reps houston

  4. …whatever happened to GOOD mainstream hip hop?

  5. Doug E Doug  |   Posted on Mar 30th, 2007 0

    Today’s rap is garbage… and it’s just one big popularity game played off the fact that the newer it is, the cooler it is. mims is further proof of that BS.
    wow, such a positive message to the black youth: Let’s have a rich rapper with a low education drive up in his undeserved $450k car and preach about financial stability :( MLKjr. is rolling in his grave right now.

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