John Norris appears at the beginning of Wavves’ video for the Green Label Sound-approved King Of The Beach standout “Post Acid” to introduce the clip and get things situated, just like he did at MTV during a bunch of folks’ formative years (and then some). After that, Nathan Williams & Co. skate, befriend aliens, go for it at a house party, showcase horrible acting skills, and generally make good use of the song title.

King Of The Beach is out via Fat Possum.

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  1. What’s Joan Rivers doing introducing this video in the beginning…?

  2. i feel like no one has noticed that this song and ‘king of the beach’ are basically the same song…

  3. liyxam1  |   Posted on Aug 27th, 2010 +2

    Is that a real alien?

  4. What’s their thing with Encino Man references lately?

  5. It’s true, but isn’t that just what we can expect from Nathan Williams?

  6. i hate john norris but i love this video/song

  7. As someone who found Wavvves barely listenable, I gotta say that I’m really digging this new album!

    Glad to know that his alien finally found the way back home. Happiness all around.

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