Scott Weiland fell off the stage at a show in Cincinnati last night, while his “backing track” or perhaps “lead vocal track” kept going. But he’s okay! So decide for yourself if he was lipsyncing when he fell, or merely singing over a backing vocal. I scrolled ahead for you:

(via Lisa’s Blog and @lefsetz)

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  1. Brings new dimension to the “tripping as I’m thinking about a boy his name was Sue” lyric.

  2. I still enjoyed them at SXSW

  3. Definitely lip synch. That’s a huge epic fail.

  4. At this point I don’t care if he lip-synched or not.. that fall there was more than worth it. hahaaha !

  5. Hey just adding value !

  6. He’s not lip syncing. You can tell in the audio drop. Maybe some pro tools. Why don’t the editors report the Arcade Fire using background vocals and recorded drum loops when they have an army onstage?

  7. Ah man that’s embaressing. I saw them at the House of Blues here in SC and they rocked my pants off though. To me it sounds as if it was actually a backing track, but playing the same octave. You can still hear him singing on top the track, I mean. Also you’ll notice when he misses the “get away, gotta’ get away” part that he usually does with the megaphone is obviously missing the megaphone part.

    In any case, STP rocks and Scott still rocks.

  8. Audio is so bad it’s hard to tell if Weiland is lip-syncing – falling off the stage is pretty embarrassing though.

  9. pretty ignorant for you all to assume he wasn’t just singing in the crowd

  10. I was there, in the front row.
    He made the extra step and fell. He landed on his legs and then fell on his right side. He continued to sing quickly rising to his knees. Sang a few more lines near the crowd and was pulled up on stage.

  11. For the people who still don’t believe me, here’s the picture of Scott singing off stage

    Source of the pic and the true story:

  12. hey maybe he kept singing after he fell

  13. Closing the case:
    he was lip-syncing a backing track. This backing track is on a lower volume level and WITHOUT the Megaphone sound. of COURSE the backing track is without the megaphone…it’s safety! That way Scott feels free to use or not the Megaphone while singing the song, and that´s why you do not listen to the Megaphone while he is down( and that explains also why his voice volume drops a little during his time on the ground). An A picture of him with a mic on his mouth doesn’t prove anything. Except the fact that he was determined to mantain the lie. People say “look at this picture here…of course he was singing”. Well, this is at least extremely naive.
    STP is my fav band since1993 and forever will be, no matter what, but Scott Weiland is sadly already dead and for sale. Let’s face it.

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